‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Producers May Have Just Revealed That Daryl Dixon Won’t Survive The Season

The Walking Dead could be nearing a huge twist, with spoilers indicating that Daryl Dixon may not survive the end of Season 6.

[Warning: Potential Walking Dead spoilers ahead.]

Ever since the show announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast as the powerful and mysterious Negan, speculation has been building about what kind of havoc that means for the show. In the comic, Negan ambushes Rick and capture his gang, lining up Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia, Michonne, and Heath. Negan tells them that he will now control the Alexandria Safe Zone, and says he will have to kill one of them.


In the comic, it is Glenn Rhee who is beaten to death by Negan and his barb wire-covered baseball bat, and there are many who think that is how this season will end.

But a song that will be featured in the finale may point to another spoiler. And Uproxx reader noted that Maya Lavelle’s “This Ain’t the End” seems to have lyrics suggesting that Daryl Dixon will be killed off.

“The ‘Daryl will die’ Camp believe that Emily Kinney will make a reappearance and possibly do a cover of this song, appearing as a vision to Daryl and welcoming him to join her. Lyrics like ‘I’m in the garden, drinking bourbon’ suggest this and the fact that Emily was spotted on set.

“The ‘Glenn will die’ Camp believe that these are the words of Maggie, ‘We are family’ and ‘Our legacy will never die’ – referring to the baby. A lot of times the theme of ‘Children are our future’ are touched upon especially during the last episode.”

While the theory may be more than a bit out there, there have actually been potential spoilers circulating for months claiming that Daryl Dixon could be killed off at the end of this season. Earlier this season, while fans were still agonizing over whether Glenn Rhee had actually been killed by the horde of Walkers who surrounded him, AMC announced what many believed to be an exit plan for Norman Reedus.

The network announced a new reality series, called Ride with Norman Reedus, that will show the Walking Dead actor riding his motorcycle to various locations across the country, stopping at shops and tattoo parlors. Reedus is quite the motorcycle enthusiast, and the move is seen as a way to help tap into the Daryl Dixon fan base that has been built up through through The Walking Dead.


But many thought the the new series was a spoiler that Daryl Dixon would be killed. Cinema Blend writer Conner Schwerdtfeger wrote that Ride with Norman Reedus could be priming fans for Reedus to exit.

“Fans love the actor and character so much that they have even at times threatened to riot of the show ever killed him off. However, premiering a show that headlines Reedus completely separate from The Walking Dead makes one wonder if the network may finally be working up the courage to take Dixon out of the equation. Having Reedus in a new series could serve to ease the blow on those who tune in weekly to specifically see his character. Then again, they could simply be trying to achieve maximum exposure for a beloved actor on their network. It’s anyone’s guess at this stage.”

Fans of The Walking Dead who want to find out if the spoilers are true have a few more weeks to see if Daryl Dixon — or one of the other major characters — gets killed off in the season finale. The final episode of this season airs on April 3.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for AMC]