One Direction’s Tattoos Supported In New Science Study, ‘Builds Immunity’

For fans that are concerned that One Direction is getting too many tattoos, stay tuned because there is a study that shows these tattoos may be helping One Direction be one of the most successful bands in the world.

According to Inverse, a new study was published by the University of Alabama in the American Journal of Human Biology states that people that get a lot of tattoos (like One Direction) will likely have a stronger immune system.

What kind of better immune system can One Direction expect from their tattoos? The scientific explanation is that “There’s a statistically significant correlation between tattoo experience and SIgA, leading the researchers to conclude that their immune systems had gotten tougher.”

One Direction is defined by their tattoos
Fashion writers often define individual members of One Direction by their tattoos. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Could this explain why Lil Wayne and One Direction can tour so much without canceling a show — despite the fact that other studies show touring is hazardous to a musician’s health?

In mid-2015, a charity called Help Musicians U.K. published a study that showed touring was extremely stressful for a musicians and 88 out of 552 participants said poor health was frequent for them.

Of course, most articles about tattooing are explaining why it is bad for overall health — but One Direction’s tattoo artist might be able to explain that angle.

In reviewing a television show called Tattoo Fixers, One Direction’s tattoo artist, Kevin Paul, said that the parlors used for the show had “appalling health and safety standards,” according to Metro.

Furthermore, he stated, “I know that they don’t cover their machines when they’re being used to stop the spread of bloodborne diseases. When their machines are uncovered it’s unprotected so somebody else’s dry blood is going to be on it.”

Whether they break them or make them stronger, it is clear that almost everyone in One Direction (except Niall Horan) is a tattooing fanatic.

Tattoos help define One Direction to fans
Most One Direction fans can identify individual members by their tattoos. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

In fact, tattoos are often used to define the style of individual members of One Direction. For example, when Louis Tomlinson was out in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, Daily Mail points out that his chest tattoo is part of Louis Tomlinson’s look.

Although he is no longer a member of One Direction, Zayn Malik also uses tattoos to define himself. This is especially significant with Zayn Malik’s first solo album after One Direction that was first introduced with tattoos on the cover album art.

Like the rest of One Direction, Zayn Malik seems to be having fun with his tattoos, but he should be aware that fans will find it alarming if he gets a tattoo and it turns out to be a fake.

After Zayn Malik’s recent incident with getting a fake tattoo on his face, The Sun stated “Directioners speculated that the tatt could have been fake when Zayn’s current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, posted a picture of her man dressed as Deadpool on Snapchat in which he appeared clean-faced.”

Also, a fan of fake tattoos is the One Direction-influenced James Corden of the Late Late Show. The Wall Street Journal reports that James Corden recently got a lot of fake tattoos for the cover of their magazine. About his selection, E! Online reports that James Corden revealed that Harry Styles was his inspiration in a tweet.

While he may have had many of the best of Harry Styles’ tattoos, it is likely that James Corden didn’t know about the one on Harry Styles’ inner thigh.

According to the Daily Mail, a hacker recently felt she gave One Direction fans a gift by posting photos that revealed what Harry Styles’ secret tattoo looked like. About allegedly hacking Harry Styles’ mom’s cloud to get access to his tiger inner-thigh photo, the hacker stated the following.

“I helped you ugly b***** finally see what Harry’s thigh tattoo looks like why can’t you praise me? I am your God.”

In the end, one of the most important details for One Direction fans is finding out the meaning behind the individual tattoos. For fans wondering about Liam Payne’s newest clock tattoo, Movie News Guide claimed around March 20, that it was intended for his new girlfriend, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

[Picture by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]