Kardashian Men Back In The Fold, Photo Shows Rob And Scott Disick With Kardashian Sisters

The Kardashian women sent a big message to fans and the media late Saturday night. A new Instagram photo features Kim, Kourtney, Kris, and youngest sisters Kendall and Kylie. But the most surprising part of the photograph isn’t the world-famous sisters. It’s the presence of Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick.

The photographs appeared to be from the family celebrations of Rob’s 29th birthday. According to E! Online, the Kardashian family met at Nobu in Malibu to celebrate Rob’s birthday. Guests included Scott Disick, Tyga, Corey Gamble, and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. The pictures are the Kardashian family showing a united front after weeks of rumored turmoil.

Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick have had trouble with the Kardashian sisters in recent weeks. Scott Disick’s continuing struggles with alcohol addiction threaten to destroy his custody arrangement with Kourtney Kardashian. Rob Kardashian’s relationship with Blac Chyna has him at odds with his sisters and his mother. At the center of it all is Kris Jenner. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors swirled that Kris Jenner tried to keep Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian in the family fold. And until Saturday, it seemed that the momager’s plans had backfired.

Which raises the question, how long can the Kardashian-Jenner sisters keep Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian in the family fold?

According to Us Weekly, Scott Disick shocked fans on Friday, March 18, seemed to hint that he still has feelings for ex-girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian.

“She’ll always be family to me and probably the person I love the most in the world, so even though we’re not together, we’re still close and it’s still nice to be around each other.”

In fact, Disick claims that he is still close to all the Kardashian-Jenner family members. Particularly Kris Jenner, who lives down the street from his new house in Calabasas. The self-styled Lord even spent the weekend with Kourtney Kardashian. Disick and Kourtney Kardashian took their children to the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter section in Universal Studios Hollywood over the weekend.

But Kourtney quickly shut down any lingering hope that she and Disick are back together. In a Snapchat post, Kourtney Kardashian explained that she and Scott Disick were together because they have three children together. In the end, Scott Disick will likely always have a connection to the Kardashian-Jenner family. How close the connection is will depend on his ability to face his own demons.

Will Rob KArdashian remain in the family fold? [Photo by Vantagenews/AP Images]Rob Kardashian’s presence in the Kardashian-Jenner family is more complicated. Rob disappointed his sisters when he secretly began dating Blac Chyna in January. Blac Chyna had a long-running feud with Rob’s younger sister, Kylie. The feud between the two women began when Kylie started dating 26-year-old rapper Tyga, with whom Blac Chyna shares a son. Khloe Kardashian learned about the relationship when she discovered Blac Chyna at the home she and Rob shared.

After an infuriated Khloe Kardashian kicked Rob out of her house, he moved in with Blac Chyna. Rob Kardashian’s new living arrangement didn’t sit well with Kris Jenner. Reportedly, Jenner convinced Rob to move into a new house and scrub his social media accounts. Overnight, all references to their relationship on their social media accounts disappeared.

The freeze-out was short lived. After break up rumors began, Rob Kardashian claimed via his Twitter account that he and Blac Chyna were still very much together. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family has warmed to her.

While Rob Kardashian spent his birthday with Blac Chyna, she was not at the Kardashian-Jenner family celebration. Though every other family member brought their significant other. For now, Rob Kardashian is firmly in the family fold. But that could change if his relationship with Blac Chyna gets serious, and his sisters refuse to accept her.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]