Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel On Motherhood: ‘I Still Have A Lot More To Do’

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel recently shared a picture of herself just beginning to show her baby bump and she seems happy to be pregnant. The revelation came in an Instagram post with Swanepoel expressing excitement and joy, but that wasn’t the same song she was singing even just a short time ago.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel On Having Children: “I’m Only 23”

The Instagram post shared the joyous news that Candice and fiancé Hermann Nicoli are expecting their first child together, but the decision to share that news may only have been made as the couple realized a pregnancy couldn’t be concealed for long. This is particularly true for a lingerie model.

The Instagram post consisted of a photo that depicts Swanepoel laying on her back, dressed in a dark colored sports bra and a pair of black underwear, while both Nicoli and Swanepoel touch the Victoria’s Secret model’s belly.

The photo was initially captioned with the hashtags “Agora e #barrigapositiva! #babybump”

Ms. Swanepoel later changed the caption, adding something even simpler.


Sources have said that Candice is very excited about having the baby. Facing a real pregnancy as opposed to hypothetical motherhood may have changed Candice’s views, because she once expressed that she felt she might like to have children in the future, but had no plans to become a first time mother anytime soon.

“I mean, it’s difficult. I have a dog and it’s like, wow. I think about the girls taking care of their business and their children and everything. It’s a lot,” Swanepoel said in 2012 of her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels starting families. “But you make it work, and at a certain point you long for your own family, something more than just work.”

Later, when asked if she had considered starting a family of her own, Candice wasn’t quite as thrilled about the prospect as she has recently become.

“So yeah, I do think about it,” she added. “But I still have a lot more to do. I’m only 23.”

Candice Swanepoel Talks About Her Skincare Secrets

The Victoria’s Secret model was looking noticeably sunned and smooth, when she gave a press Q&A at the Givenchy fashion show earlier this month. Candice said her good mood and bright complexion were all due to a casual stroll around the Tuileries, which ended with a ride on Paris’s La Grande Roue, a 200 foot-tall ferris wheel.

Swanepoel was only too happy to reveal her skincare routines at the show, but it surprised many to learn that this Victoria’s Secret Angel actually keeps things simple. She says that she was aware that Paris has a very dry atmosphere, so she has been sure to use plenty of moisturizer.

For her year-round, normal routines, Ms. Swanepoel says she’s not a big juicer like many models, but she does try to keep a balanced diet. The model added that does enjoy a big breakfast.

For exercise, Candice says she has really been taken over by the yoga craze. She seems to like that she can practice her yoga poses wherever she finds herself. Candice often shares pictures of herself doing her yoga routines on Instagram and she’s shared images of her doing yoga from all of her destinations, such as South Africa and St. Bartholomew.

There may be a more practical reason that brought Swanepoel to take up yoga in the first place. Last year, while modeling a pair of spiked heels for Tisci, Candice had a mishap in which she tumbled right on the runway. Proving she has a good sense of humor, Ms. Swanepoel shared a photo of the slip and fall, which she captioned “fall from grace.”

This year, Candice says she will be more cautious and avoid dwelling on the past.

“Fortunately, the runway seems a lot more friendly this time around—and the shoes do, too!”

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]