‘The Walking Dead’ 90-Minute Season 6 Finale: Will Negan’s Debut End With A Cliffhanger?

The Walking Dead season 6 finale will be 90 minutes long, which should be exciting news for TWD fans. Viewers were wondering if the big, bloody finale rumored to introduce Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan would extend past the typical hour. It turns out that the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead will be an extended episode. This is what TWD fans have been waiting for, Negan’s arrival, but will the season finale end with a cliffhanger?

On Reddit, a TWD fan checked the television listings for the April 3 episode of The Walking Dead. As the viewer noted, the season 6 finale has a 9 p.m. time slot, but The Talking Dead was moved to 10:30 p.m. This seems to confirm that season 6, episode 16 will be 90 minutes long.

As for The Walking Dead season 6 finale title, there were reports that it was called “Something To Fear.” However, The Spoiling Dead Fans wrote that the title of the episode is actually “Last Day On Earth.”


So far, the official synopsis of The Walking Dead season 6 finale has not been confirmed. However, the network should be releasing that information when it gets closer to the air date. Even though there are no major TWD spoilers for the last episode of the season, fans are busy speculating on what will happen.

It was rumored months ago that Negan would make his big TWD debut on the season 6 finale. However, some viewers are wondering if Negan and his ferocious bat, Lucille, will not appear until the very last scene. Could Negan’s arrival on The Walking Dead be a cliffhanger, forcing fans to wait until season 7?

TWD fans have been waiting a long time for Negan’s debut on The Walking Dead. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Negan is vicious and a sociopath in the comics, but also has some “rules” that he follows. For example, Negan does not kill women or children. However, on Reddit, there are a few comic book readers who say at least one woman has died because of the villain.

The other reason people are so anxious about Negan’s storyline on The Walking Dead is because of Glenn’s death in the comics. It was brutal and horrific. Some don’t believe Glenn (Steven Yeun) will die on the show because it would be too similar to the comics. However, the events seem to line up, which is bad news for fans of Glenn Rhee.


According to MoviePilot, in The Walking Dead comics, Negan and the Saviors sneak up on Rick’s group while they are sleeping. This is exactly what Andrew Lincoln’s character did to the Saviors the night Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carol (Melissa McBride) were kidnapped.

However, Negan doesn’t slaughter everyone. He reveals that one person must die for Rick’s ambush on the Saviors, but says that it won’t be Glenn. Negan explains that he doesn’t want to be seen as a racist. However, when randomly selecting a victim, Glenn is chosen. Negan beats Glenn with his spiked baseball bat, Lucille. Surprisingly, Glenn survives the first few hits, but suffers severe head trauma and Glenn’s eye pops out of his head. Negan doesn’t stop there. The Walking Dead villain keeps swinging his spiked bat, Lucille, until Glenn is nothing more than a pile of leaking brain tissue and shattered bone fragments.

Walking Dead Wikia wrote that after Glenn’s death in the TWD comics, Maggie moves to the Hilltop Colony to raise Sophia and her new baby. Apparently, this was Glenn’s last wish for his family.

What is interesting about the timeline in the comics versus the TV show is Maggie’s condition. Just like on The Walking Dead television series, Maggie was pregnant at the time of Negan’s arrival in the comic books. So, could Glenn really die in the season 6 finale? Will Maggie’s baby survive, despite being punched by one of the Saviors in a recent episode of The Walking Dead?

The writers of TWD have a way of both pleasing and frustrating fans at the same time. My guess is that Negan will arrive in The Walking Dead season 6 finale. He will have a score to settle, but I’m not sure if Glenn will be the victim. In fact, what the show will probably do is have Negan show up with Lucille in the very last scene. We might see Negan beat somebody, but whether or not that person dies will probably not be shown until The Walking Dead season 7 premiere.

What are your theories on The Walking Dead season 6 finale? Will Negan’s debut on TWD end in a cliffhanger? Who will the villain’s first kill be, and how will Rick’s group respond?

The Walking Dead season 6 finale airs on April 3.

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