‘New Girl’ Season 5: Fans Now Hoping That Megan Fox Stays After Zooey Deschanel’s Return

When Zooey Deschanel had to temporarily leave New Girl season 5 to prepare for childbirth, one of the angles the show did to make up for her absence was to introduce a new character played by Megan Fox. Her character, Reagan, is a medical representative who moves into the loft because her living condition while travelling was far from cozy.

When the news was first announced, fans rallied against the show’s decision claiming that the Transformers actress just didn’t have the comic timing. Some deemed Megan as an incapable replacement for Zooey’s well-loved character Jess.

Megan is not a complete amateur when it comes to comedy projects. Her previous appearances included Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Hope and Faith, and This is 40. She also had roles in Two and a Half Men, What I Like about You, and Robot Chicken. Despite these experiences, some fans went as far as threatening the network that they would boycott New Girl season 5.

However, it appears that viewers had a change of heart after seeing the episodes featuring Megan. While Reagan and Nick ended up kissing much to the dismay of Jess and Nick’s fans, many still lauded the Jennifer’s Body actress for her performance.

Show creator Liz Meriwether previously told Entertainment Weekly that having Megan on the set was fun, and that her character indeed brought a new side of the sitcom. She loved how Reagan didn’t know the group’s history so she just entered the loft and called off the characters for some of their flaws.

Most of the characters in the show are very weird and neurotic and not really type-A characters, and so she’s coming in and shaking them up a little bit. What’s great is that she’s this really tough-talking, strong, truth-telling character that comes into the loft and kind of calls everybody out. She’s not putting up with any of their crap in a great way.”

Now that Zooey’s back, fans are hoping to see Jess with Megan, and this might happen soon as Liz said that it’s a “real possibility.” While some think that there would be bad blood between Jess and Reagan because of what the latter did with Nick, producer Brett Bauer confirmed that they wouldn’t pursue such storyline. He believes that such angle would ruin New Girl season 5’s charm. He told Entertainment Weekly that things for Jess and Nick are not yet done.

“No, it’s never totally shut with those two, which is the fun of it. We’ve actually had a nice time trying to write away from that and let it be it’s own thing and let the pot simmer a little bit, but it’s exciting to think that we’ve got like an extra color in that box now, because bringing [Megan Fox] in does create all sorts of new dynamics that we haven’t played at his point.”

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With Schmidt and Cece tying the knot towards the end of the series, Reagan might show up as a guest. The next episode will follow the adventures of Jess as she helps Cece move into their loft in an attempt to make wedding planning with Schmidt easier.

cece and scmidt

In the upcoming New Girl season 5 episode entitled “D Day,” Schmidt’s father visits the loft. Peter Gallagher will play the role of Gavin, and this won’t be the first time that Peter will work with Max Greenfield. In 2007, Max played a younger version of Peter’s character, Sandy Cohen, in The O.C..

New Girl airs every Tuesday on Fox.

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