Iggy Azalea’s Nervous Breakdown: Admits She Felt ‘Suicidal’

Iggy Azalea was on top of the world back in 2013. The rapper was known for her hit songs “Fancy” and “Bounce.” It all changed when she received backlash for cultural appropriation and her controversial comments on Twitter.

All of the hate and criticism caused Iggy to cancel her first world tour and a performance at a Pittsburg Pride event. The pop star quickly became known for her Twitter outbursts and celebrity feuds instead of her music career.

Azalea handled the success that she achieved in a short amount of time. But the Australian rapper admits that she couldn’t handle the pressures and scrutiny of being a famous figure. In an interview on Power 106 FM in L.A., Azalea openly admitted that she’s thought about checking out of life because of all of the hateful comments she’s received.

“I thought about quitting life,” she revealed. Then Iggy was asked if she ever had suicidal thoughts. “Sometimes I did. Sometimes I would drive through the canyons to get to my horses and I would be like, ‘What if I just kept driving off the canyon?’ Sometimes I would feel like that.”

There were obvious valid cultural critiques about the rapper’s music. But there were times that people were so hateful that Azalea became some sort of internet joke. She admitted that her fiancé, Nick Young, helped her overcome the hate and to build up her career again. Azalea also sounds ready to make a comeback, no matter what her haters think of her.

“It’s my whole life. This is what I do. I’ve been rapping since I was 14, and this is all that I know. It’s what my gift is, whether you think I’m talented or not. I don’t know any other job and I’m not interested in any other job.”

You can check out the rest of Iggy Azalea’s interview in the videos below.

These shocking new statements come after her raw and candid interview with Schön! Magazine, where she opened up about her nervous breakdown last year. Iggy graces the cover of the European magazine in which she poses topless, but keeps her breasts covered. She admitted that that media’s remarks about her old racist and homophobic tweets and her “blaccent” made her lose her sense of self.

“Last year, I felt like I was definitely not in control of the media’s narrative of me. It made me feel very out of control of my own life or my ability to have my own perception of who I was. You don’t want someone else writing your narrative and making you the villain. Then I just realized that, you know what, you can’t control it and I think I accepted that and moved on to living my life.”

The controversial rapper is slowly stepping back into the spotlight by releasing her sophomore album, the follow-up to The New Classic. Azalea says that her new music makes her feel like her “energy’s been renewed.” She dropped a dance video for her new single “Team,” which will be featured on her upcoming album Digital Distortion, set to release later this year. The song has already skyrocketed to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 Chart, according to Billboard.

Iggy’s so dedicated to her craft and her comeback that she’s even postponed her wedding, as she revealed to Ryan Seacrest on Friday, March 18.

“I actually moved my wedding because I have to tour, so my wedding plans are changing. Now I have to go to work. We’ll probably have to wait until the end of the next basketball season to do that. So that kind of is a bit sucky, but it’s all right.”

What are your thoughts on Iggy Azalea? Do you think she’s destined to make a comeback? Or, do you believe she’s a one-hit wonder?

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]