Mexico’s Niall Horan Speaks Out: ‘Juan Direcshon’ Gives Interview

Niall Horan is on vacation from One Direction, and fans are slowly learning from his social media that this means he will be traveling the globe and playing golf. However, in an alternate universe trajectory, there is another Niall Horan in the world that lives in Mexico, and they are speaking out about their band “Juan Direcshon.”

Is this all just a mean joke and Niall Horan is the butt of it? In fact, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, there is a second Niall Horan in Ireland (that is not in a band), but there is also a “Niall Horan” in Mexico.

In the meantime, Niall Horan is completely unaware of his body double in Mexico, and has been celebrating the famous Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day in his home country with friends. The Mirror reports that this is a sign that Niall Horan is finally spending some quality time in his birth country and embracing his Irish roots.

Adding to this, J-14 talks about 15 ways that Niall Horan could secretly be a leprechaun, but could Niall instead be an Irish-Mexican?


As far as the Niall Horan of Mexico, Bernardo Mendez is the person that works with “Juan Direcshon” through a celebrity impersonators company that works parties called Imitadores MX.

Now, speaking to VICE, Mexico’s One Direction specifically gave their own tributes to individual members of the band such as Niall Horan and Harry Styles with an interview. According to their March 18 testimonials reprinted in English, Mexico’s Niall Horan said he began his career about three years ago by responding to an ad.

Since that time, Niall Horan of Mexico has been particularly popular at celebrations for young girls … especially the quinceañera parties.

Quotes from Niall Horan of Mexico include the fact he used to “hate One Direction” and “I used to be pretty muscly but had to tone down for this gig.”

Mexico’s Niall Horan is also enjoying the fame that being an impersonator has brought him. He said when he feels sad, he will read the messages fans send to him as “Niall Horan” to get cheered up.

There are five Niall Horans
Niall Horan has one person sharing his name in Ireland as well as three people that imitate him. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

Interestingly, “Niall Horan” also said he was a high schooler, but has made out with a One Direction fan girl that may have gotten to know him as Niall.

Like the real Niall Horan, Mexico’s version has plenty of relatable celebrity-specific moments as well. For example, Mexico’s Niall Horan stated the following.

“We freak out when a birthday girl starts crying because we don’t know if those are tears of joy or sadness, or if they are crying with laughter.”

Keep in mind there is more than one Niall Horan impersonator in the world — and at least three of them play in a band that is supposed to resemble One Direction.

For example, there is another version of Niall Horan in Peru’s “Tributo a One Direction.”

In the U.K., One Direction has another Niall Horan for fans to relish in the One and Only Direction tribute/cover band. Sadly, this band had a great deal of backlash, according to Gossip Cop, and around January 5, Niall Horan’s fans were outraged about the the fact that the U.K. tribute band existed.

One Direction's tribute bands also get hate and fan mail
The extreme adoration of One Direction fans means that other Niall Horan imitators also get fan mail. (Picture by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

According to reports, there was a hashtag circulating on Twitter called #STOPyouarenot1D and some of the comments were “violent” in nature. Regardless, the Niall Horan imitator and his cohorts publicly thanked their supporters.

Of course, imitators of Niall Horan should keep in mind that it is a dangerous job outside of social media. For instance, in June 2014, the Mirror reported that the two men in One and Only Direction that resemble Harry Styles and Niall Horan were attacked by fans that thought they were actually in One Direction.

[Picture by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images]