Polls: Hillary Clinton Loses To Every GOP Candidate, Except One

Aggregated polls show Hillary Clinton losing to every GOP candidate currently in the race, plus Marco Rubio, except one. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, beats the entire Republican field, but most likely won’t beat the former Secretary of State. It’s a difficult situation for the Democratic Party, which seems compelled to choose the least popular candidate because of its primary system.

Luckily for Democrats, or at least for Clinton, the GOP is set to give the nomination to its least popular candidate as well.

Tuesday was a great night for Hillary Clinton. Yes, she won every primary held on the 15th, but that’s only half of it. On the GOP-side Trump was the big winner, taking four of the five primaries. Strategically, that’s good news for Clinton, because the real estate mogul is the only Republican candidate she would beat if the election were held today according to Real Clear Politics aggregated polls.

The polls say Rubio would beat Hillary Clinton by 4 points (if he were still in the race). Kasich has 7.4 points over the former Secretary of State. Cruz is within in the margin of error, but edges her out in five out of six simulations. And Trumps loses by 6.3 percent.

Naturally, simulations on an election that’s still about 8 months away are probably not going to be particularly reliable, but they point out something kind of surprising – Bernie Sanders is the DNC’s best bet. The most electable candidate at this point in time.

Bernie Sanders, Americas best hope for a president who doesnt start his term with negative approval ratings. [Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images] Bernie Sanders, America’s best hope for a president who doesn’t start his term with negative approval ratings. [Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images]The simulations show Sanders beating Rubio by 3.3 points, Cruz by 9.7 points, Trump by 10 points, and within the margin of error for Kasich, but still winning by 0.2 percent.

How can a self-described Socialist beat the GOP better than Hillary Clinton?

One theory is that people don’t really like her that much.

According to the results of 379 polls being tracked by the Huffington Post, 53.8 percent of respondents have a negative opinion of Hillary Clinton, versus just 41.5 percent who have a positive view. Bernie Sanders flips that around – 50.8 percent favorable, 39.4 percent unfavorable.

He is also much more likely to convert independents, and even some conservatively-minded voters, according to NBC News. Some voters in New Hampshire reportedly said they were deciding between a socialist and a billionaire, as strange as that sounds. The reason, according to the Sanders campaign, is that his message speaks to the frustration that exists on both sides of the aisle.

“Bernie’s message speaks to people who feel that frustration, but instead of channeling it towards hatred and xenophobia, offers voters a forward-looking and hopeful vision for the future.”

Independents throughout most of the ideological spectrum feel that the system needs to be overhauled, the difference in opinion comes down to what it all looks like when the smoke has cleared. And Hillary Clinton epitomizes that broken system to many voters.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the dislike for Hillary Clinton is so great that a Trump v. Clinton race would result in a surge in third-party voting.

Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders, Clinton appeals to the people who really matter in the primaries – life-long Democrats. Closed primaries have been disastrous for the Vermont senator. Florida is perhaps the best example.

As a result, the DNC is set to nominate the least favorable candidate in the race, giving the GOP a major advantage. Luckily for the Democratic establishment, the GOP looks like it will do that same.

Donald Trump’s approval rating is horrible. About 62.3 percent of people have a negative opinion of him, only 33.5 percent have a positive view. According to the simulations, he loses to whoever the DNC nominates. That’s an important silver-lining for a potential Clinton candidacy – she is the lesser of two evils in the minds of Americans.

Anti-Trump rallies have sprung up around the country. Not all that surprising considering his approval ratings. [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images] Anti-Trump rallies have sprung up around the country. Not all that surprising considering his approval ratings. [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]Still, should the Democratic Party be so favorable to a candidate that is generally disliked outside the small percentage of primary voters? Doesn’t the primary process seem illegitimate and overly controlled if it produces a general election that few can be excited about, and many won’t participate in?

Donald Trump will almost certainly be the Republican nominee. The popular candidate, John Kasich – who has a 62 percent approval rating, has only 143 delegates and cannot mathematically win. Cruz can win, but it would be a political miracle (he has to win 78 percent of the remaining delegates).

Bernie Sanders has a better chance. He has to win 67 percent of the remaining delegates. Albeit a long shot, it’s currently the best hope of relatively well-liked candidate getting into the White House, and a best bet for the Democrats to keep Trump out, regardless of what the Hillary Clinton campaign says.

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