L.A. Rams Rumors: Carson Wentz Or Paxton Lynch Could Be Heading To Los Angeles, According To Latest NFL Mock Drafts

With the 2016 NFL draft a month away, rumors are running rampant regarding the Los Angeles Rams and their potential selections. Since the Rams will be playing their first season back in Los Angeles — after relocating from St. Louis— the organization is looking to make a splash. While the Rams traded for Nick Foles in the 2015 offseason, it appears as though he is not the quarterback of the future. With the No. 15 pick in the draft, numerous analysts believe the Rams will select either Carson Wentz or Paxton Lynch.

While the 2015 quarterback class, which featured Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, was one of the best in recent years, the 2016 class is considerably weaker. While Carson Wentz and Jared Goff are expected to be drafted within the first seven selections, there is a chance that Wentz could either fall to the Rams at pick No. 15, or they could trade into the top six to acquire him. Regardless of where Wentz is picked, Paxton Lynch should be available without having to make a trade.

Carson Wentz

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Wentz has been connected to numerous teams, including the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Cleveland Browns. While all of those teams are still in the mix for Wentz, it appears as though none of them may be in need of a quarterback when the draft comes. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stated numerous times that the team does not plan to take a quarterback in the first-round. After re-signing Sam Bradford and signing Chase Daniel, the Eagles also appear to be content with their quarterback situation. While the Browns are still rumored to be interested in Wentz, they are also connected to Jared Goff. There are also reports that Robert Griffin III could be signing with them too.

As the latest Sports Illustrated NFL mock drafts shows, the Rams will either select Wentz with the No. 15 pick or make a trade for him on draft day.

"At some point during our flurry of mocks, we'll pitch a few trade proposals, one of which no doubt will include Los Angeles moving into the top 10 for Wentz. With that in mind, Wentz continues to be the call at 15. He has impressed repeatedly in press conference and interviews, and his game is ready made for an NFL staff to develop it."
Paxton Lynch
While Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch is not as highly touted as Wentz and Goff, he has a ton of potential, according to various insiders and scouts around the league. According to NFL mock drafts from CBS Sports and Bleacher Report, the Rams will select Lynch with the No. 15 pick. The only roadblock for the Rams will be the Philadelphia Eagles. Assuming Wentz and Goff are drafted within the first seven selections, the Eagles will be on the clock with the No. 8 pick.

While the Eagles are not expected to select a quarterback, they have been connected to Lynch, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. If the Eagles do not take Lynch, there is an excellent chance that he falls to the Rams at No. 15. Whether or not the Rams pull the trigger remains to be seen, but he could be a great fit for an organization that needs a quarterback.

While selecting Sam Bradford with the No. 1 overall pick turned out to be a bad move, the Rams should not shy away from a quarterback in the opening round. With a height of six-feet, seven-inches, Lynch is going to be one of the tallest quarterbacks in the league. While height alone does not translate into success, it is a vastly underrated factor.

While the Los Angeles Rams could miss out on quarterback Carson Wentz, Paxton Lynch should be available for when they pick at No. 15. Now that the draft is a little over a month away, rumors are going to continue to connect the Rams with the top quarterbacks that will be available.

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