Jimmy Fallon Weighs Up Pros And Cons Of Attending Trump University In Hilarious Sketch

Jimmy Fallon is famous for his impressive skills at weighing the pros and cons of things. And this time, the 41-year-old Tonight Show host weighed the pros and cons of attending GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Trump University, according to Business Insider.

And while Trump University is now defunct and has suffered a great deal of criticism, a new lawsuit was recently filed in which students accuse Trump University of making false promises. But with the help of Jimmy Fallon, Trump University’s previous students can now find out what this university is truly all about. In his introduction to Tuesday’s “Pros and Cons” segment of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the host explained why he decided to look into the pros and cons of attending the defunct university: because Trump University might be brought back to life if the Republican presidential front-runner is elected in November 2016. And Jimmy Fallon did a fantastic job of making a number of references to Trump’s presidential campaign, including a controversial one about Mexicans.

“Pro: Trump is offering free tuition. Con: by getting Mexico to pay for it.”

And there was also a joke about immigrants, as Trump is well-known for his antipathy for everything that has to do with immigrants. So Jimmy Fallon said the pro was “hiding the bong on parents’ weekend,” while the con was “because Bong’s student visa ran out, and now Trump wants to deport him.” During the hilarious sketch about the university, which Trump founded ten years ago, Jimmy Fallon made sure to make fun of Trump’s recent reference to his penis at one of GOP debates.

“Pro: Trump boasted about the school’s large endowment. Con by saying, ‘I guarantee you’ll there’s no problem down there’.”

PROS AND CONS OF GOING TO TRUMP UNIVERSITY AND OH MY GOD JIMMY FALLON pic.twitter.com/11nJD6tBDU — pinned tweet!!! (@knthvi) March 18, 2016

On Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon also played the “Inflatable Flip Cup” segment with Zoe Kravitz, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

And while Kravitz complained that she was bad at college games as she has never attended college, the Mad Max: Fury Road actress still managed to win! But it was a close game that kept the audience in a wild state of excitement, with Jimmy Fallon saying in the end that it was “the best game we’ve ever played.” On Monday, Jimmy Fallon had even more fun during his late night talk show, as the host invited Divergent actress Shailene Woodley, and Schitt’s Creek co-stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, to play the “Pictionary” segment, according to USA Today.

It was a males vs females game and the males won. Shailene teamed up with Catherine, while Jimmy Fallon had Eugene as his Pictionary partner. Shailene was unfortunate enough to pick the card with “Mona Lisa” written on it, as the actress had to show off her Leonardo da Vinci drawing skills. But, well, she didn’t. And who would blame her, really? Did anyone expect Shailene to draw at least something remotely resembling the masterpiece portrait? And although Jimmy Fallon complained that the Divergent actress was “talking too much,” it still didn’t help her to give a proper clue to Catherine. And, of course, Eugene made fun of the 24-year-old actress for the lack of artistic skills, saying that it “doesn’t remotely look like Mona Lisa.”