Partially Clothed Body Found In Pennsylvania May Be That Of Missing Woman Michelle Inch

On Friday night, the partially clothed body of a woman was found near a creek in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, according to Penn Live. The report notes the area in which the discovery was made is only about 15 miles from where Michelle Inch vanished almost two months ago.

According to WNEP 16 News, a woman and her husband were traveling to see relatives when she spotted the body. The woman told the news media outlet, "We were just driving down the road and I was staring out the window and happened to see a body… [At least] what I thought was a body."

The last time anyone saw Michelle was on January 26, only hours prior to her boyfriend and another man allegedly committing a home invasion at her parents' residence.

WNEP 16 News reports that the boyfriend, Michael Houseweart, 27, along with Brian Vroman, also 27, broke into the home of Michelle's parents, wrapped them in duct tape, and then set the place on fire. Gary and Linda Inch were reportedly robbed at gunpoint during the attack. Linda escaped the home as it burned, while Gary was rescued by firefighters, reports WNEP 16 News.

Both Houseweart and Vroman are being held in connection with the incident, facing charges that include arson, robbery, and attempted murder, reports Penn Live. According to PA Home Page, Michelle was last seen with Houseweart prior to the home invasion.

WNEP 16 News obtained a search warrant related to Houseweart's residence and Vroman's vehicle. The document noted that prior to the home attack, Michelle's family reported checks being stolen. The news media outlet further learned that the checks were written and cashed by Houseweart, who was becoming distraught regarding messages he and Michelle had exchanged through Facebook.

According to WNEP 16 News, Houseweart's brother-in-law told authorities that Houseweart had commented he "felt like burning someone's house down…"

Michelle's car was found less than a mile from Houseweart's home and police indicate blood was found on the outside of the automobile, reports WNEP 16 News. According to Penn Live, police say Houseweart and Vroman were driving Michelle's vehicle before it was found outside Canton on January 28.

Penn Live reports that Michelle, 31, was last seen with Houseweart and that others were told "they were going target shooting."

Although Houseweart is a suspect in Michelle's disappearance, that has not stopped his family from assisting in the search for her. His stepsister and stepmother spoke to PA Home Page about their quest to find Michelle.

Houseweart's stepmother, Patricia Houseweart, told PA Home Page, "I'm a mother, and I can't imagine the heartbreak of my daughter being missing… That has to rip at their heart after the ordeal they went through. To know she's somewhere out there, and nobody knows?"

Following the news that a body had been found near where Michelle was last seen, her friends showed up at the site. Michelle's friend Tammi Knight told WNEP 16 News, "We just really want closure… But are we hopeful she's still alive out there? Yes, we are!"

Another friend, Annette Laudeslager, told the news media outlet, "We're praying that it's Michelle and we're bringing her home."

The search for Michelle has been extensive, covering three counties, according to WNEP 16 News. In addition, fundraisers and vigils have been held to publicize Michelle's disappearance in the hope she would be discovered safe and sound.

According to Penn Live, an autopsy on the body found is slated to take place on Monday in Binghamton, New York, which will determine whether the woman is Michelle. Additionally, the blood splatter found on Michelle's car is still being tested to determine if it belongs to her.

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