Korean Girls Taste American Pizza For The First Time — Which Style Pizza Won? Detroit, New York, Or Chicago?

Earlier this year, Digitalsoju TV performed a “social experiment” that broke Korean borders when it comes to food. They introduced American barbecue to Koreans. To further the appeal of their social experiment, they got Korean girls to test out the American barbecue. Apparently, it was a life changing experience for them as they wondered why they never eaten such delicious food before.

Now the “social experiment” continues as Digitalsoju TV now had Korean girls try out American pizza for the first time. Specifically, they tried Detroit, New York, and Chicago style pizzas. The question that needs to be answered is which style was the most popular among them?

It should be noted Korea has their own version of pizza. However, it is like day and night compared to western styles, or even to the original created in Naples, Italy. According to Slate, Koreans not only substitute meats they do not have with meats they do (bulgogi or dak galbi in place of pepperoni), they will often include many nontraditional toppings too. Shrimp, crab, sweet corn, and potato wedges are just a few they may use.

Korean Pizza Korean-style pizza is very eclectic, often using nontraditional toppings from the original made in Naples, Italy. [Image via Screen Capture of “Only In Korea – Mr. Pizza” by Hedgers Abroad]To be fair, the Koreans who introduced pizza to the general public adjusted it to fit Korean flavor palettes. They may have thought pizzas from western countries were too sour or too salty, a combination easily present when pepperoni is used. Still, such was based on assumption.

Ergo, Digitalsoju TV wanted to test how valid past assumptions were on pizza, the same way they did with American barbecue earlier, by having Korean girls try them out. First, they tried Detroit style, a deep-dish crust pizza that’s chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside as it bakes in a rectangular pan. The overall verdict was the Detroit style pizza was “healthy.” Its square shape also made the pizza stand out in appearance. One girl, however, believed it was a pizza men would enjoy more over women.

The second pizza was made in the New York style, which is a thin, bendable crust made of high-gluten flour, baked so it is slightly charred on the bottom. The cheese and pepperoni stand out because a light amount of tomato sauce is used. The girls agreed the crust was actually worth eating, something they usually avoid with Korean pizzas. However, they had issues with it being too salty, which is most-likely from the pepperoni. Many of them actually wanted sweet pickles with the pizza when offered, indicating New York style pizza is greasier than Detroit style.

Finally, the girls tried the Chicago style pizza, a deep dish crust pizza with its toppings assembled in reverse as it is baked in a steel pan. They all generally liked it, complimenting the amount of cheese and the crust. Some even said they would travel to Chicago just to eat the pizza or abandon their diets.

After the Korean girls ate the three styles of pizza, they were asked to score each style separately. Detroit style earned 61.9 points. New York style earned 59.7 points. Chicago style earned 62 points. Since there are seven girls who participated in the social experiment, a total of 70 points can be earned. Given the scores of the pizzas, it was quite evident American styles would have been popular in Korea if given a chance.

Ultimately, this video is another “cultural experiment” to make Koreans aware of American styles of food. This one concentrates on pizza. Also, the message is the same from their previous video of Korean girls trying American barbecue and it is slowly and surely gaining momentum.

[Image via Screen Capture of “Korean girls try New York, Chicago, Detroit Style Pizzas | 뉴욕 시카고 디트로이트 스타일 피자를 처음 먹어 본 한국 여자들의 반응” by Digitalsoju TV]