TNA News: TNA Originals Bobby Roode And Eric Young Gone From Company, Bound For WWE?

In what can only be seen as a major blow for TNA Wrestling, it appears that they have once again lost again a TNA Original. Correction, they have lost two TNA Originals. Many felt that if there were two men that would go down with the ship after all they had done for the company, it would be Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Young alone has done everything TNA has asked of him for years. If Jeff Jarrett asked him to wear a stupid superhero costume, he did it.

If TNA asked Roode to go from being a great singles worker to a tag team worker because the tag team scene needed help in the company, he did it. Despite all of this, according to PWInsider, both men are gone from the company starting tomorrow. There were rumors early on that both Roode and Young asked for their release. Most assumed at the time that it was just rumors, as they tend to swirl around in pro-wrestling all the time. It is all sadly true, however.

TNA put out an article on their website confirming the reports of the departure of two of their biggest stars, which is a big loss for the promotion. Both finished taping a lot of shows for TNA on Saturday, which means that you will see them for a while on TNA programming despite the departure.

Young Mathews

In a spoiler from the TNA tapings, Eric Young dropped his King of the Mountain Title during the major set of TNA tapings to Bram, giving Bram his first taste of gold in TNA. Young and Roode are both former TNA World Champions and are two of the most decorated champions in the company’s history. Keep in mind, they have been there since the beginning almost. Both started with TNA in 2004, making them 12 year veterans of the company.

Both did ask for their release, but it wasn’t so much about just wanting to go for both men. Young was in talks with TNA over a new deal, but they clearly broke down if he chose to leave the company. This has not been uncommon, as many have left over contractual disputes with TNA the last few years now. Many believe they can get paid better outside TNA, and it looks like Eric Young and Bobby Roode feel that they can fit that. They are on to bigger and better things. Where they end up is yet to be determined. However, it has been rumored Triple H is a Bobby Roode fan.

It appeared for Roode at least that he would be re-forming Beer Money with the recently returning James Storm. Storm had worked with WWE NXT for a small spell before they offered a contract that TNA beat out oddly enough. This makes many wonder if either Young or Roode could end up in NXT, which is not out of the cards. Both men have turned down offers to go other places so often that many wondered if they would ever end up in another company. It was rumored that Roode was offered a deal by WWE years ago but turned it down to stay with TNA.

Bobby Roode

WWE has hired Austin Aries, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe in 2015 and 2016. It is not crazy to believe that they might target Bobby Roode and Eric Young. Roode is near 40-years-old, which does make him a bit of a gamble for WWE who would ideally like to bring in younger stars. However, NXT does not play by the age game. WWE has signed people of various ages, some of which may never leave NXT or will be there for some time.

Meanwhile New Japan Pro-Wrestling was recently gutted by WWE. Ring of Honor could use extra stars as well. This means WWE won’t have an easy get with Bobby Roode and Eric Young who could be a big part of another company if WWE lowballs them or if they feel they can be offered something better somewhere else.

At the end of the day, Bobby Roode and Eric Young still have a lot of fight left in them, and they can still contribute to any company. It could be WWE, NJPW, ROH, or anywhere else for that matter. TNA lost two great men tonight. It is expected that others are going to follow. When just about all of the TNA originals are gone, it makes you wonder if TNA’s future is in doubt.

[Image via TNA Wrestling]