When Jeremy Clarkson Got Chided For Naming His Dog

Jeremy Clarkson is one of the most talented television presenters in the world. Currently shooting a car program for Amazon Prime, the seasoned car presenter recently revealed that he supports hydrogen powered cars mainly because there is more than sufficient hydrogen in the world and their only by-product is water, which is good for the environment. The following was his statement.

“I’m baffled by the car industry’s apparent reluctance to think more seriously about hydrogen as a replacement for petrol and diesel. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, so we wouldn’t run out of it for about a billion years, and it’s clean too. A car powered by hydrogen fuel cells produces nothing from its tailpipe but water.”

Jeremy Clarkson in a photo with his Amazon filming crew. [Image via Twitter] Jeremy Clarkson in a photo with his Amazon filming crew. [Image via Twitter]He also added that car manufacturers must quit fiddling with batteries for the electric cars, and instead, focus on hydrogen powered ones, emphasizing that that is the future.

“The motor industry would stop fiddling about with its pointless batteries and its hybrid-drive systems and get on the only road where there is actually a future for personal mobility. The hydrogen road.”

This was via his Sunday Times column.

Although his sentiments may seem highly sensible to the general public, this argument was discussed at length last year, with the hydrogen engine ideology being termed as “stupid” by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors. The following were some of his statements, according to Inside Evs.

“Consider the whole fuel cell system against a Model S. It’s far worse in volume and mass terms, and far, far, worse in cost. And I haven’t even talked about hydrogen being so hard to handle.”

He also offered the following while speaking to Autocar magazine.

“Manufacturers do it [FCEVs] because they’re under pressure to show they’re doing something ‘constructive’ about sustainability. They feel it’s better to be working on a solution a generation away rather than something just around the corner… Hydrogen is always labeled the fuel of the future – and always will be. Success is simply not possible.”

Tesla cars being tested in snow by the company [Image via Twitter] Tesla cars being tested in snow by the company [Image via Twitter]With that out of the way, Jeremy Clarkson also recently talked about his interpersonal conflicts with some of the BBC’s bosses while working for the news network. Having been sacked for assaulting a Top Gear producer after a hard day of filming, he has openly stated that he still bears a grudge against the network executives who gave him the sack, and particularly Danny Cohen. Their enmity is said to have become apparent in 2014 following Cohen’s decision to launch an investigation into Top Gear’s alleged racist claims.

“Normally you could find some common ground with somebody but I think Danny and I could probably get on perfectly well so long as we absolutely never had to think about each other for the rest of time… Because I don’t mind anyone having an opinion that’s different to mine, just so long as they don’t mind my opinion either. So long as it doesn’t impinge on what I want to do.”

It is alleged that although the network cleared Jeremy Clarkson of racism claims, Cohen still stuck to the investigation, and at one point, he is said to have called Jeremy into his office for naming his dog Didier Dogba. At the time, the name was said to have been a play of words in reference to Didier Drogba, the African former Chelsea football player. Jeremy Clarkson is said to have been chided over it, and told he couldn’t name his dog after an African football player.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]