Kylie Jenner Sextape? No, Just A Kylie And Tyga Hot Snapchat Video

If there's not actually a Kylie Jenner sextape out there, as some people hope for, there's something a lot like it. Hollywood Life reports that Kylie's Snapchat has a hot, hot Kylie and Tyga video of the couple making out on the dance floor. The KUWTK stars were getting totally intimate Friday night, and weren't shy about letting anyone see what they were doing. The racy video is heating up Snapchat with their sexy kisses.

Kylie, 18, turned a slow dance with her boyfriend Tyga, 26, unto an uncensored "down and dirty" make out session while the two were out partying at the trendy L.A. hot spot Hyde on March 18. Another partier at the crowded club had his phone ready to catch the whole thing on video, but Kylie and Tyga didn't care who was watching, or who would watch the video later on Snapchat.
Us Weekly magazine reports that at one point, Tyga nuzzles in to kiss Kylie's neck, while Kylie wraps her arms around the "Rack City" rapper's neck. Then the person with the camera decided to give fans a more detailed look at the couple, and slowly pans down Kylie's body. Tyga's hands were on Kylie's butt, totally grabbing and squeezing and disarranging her camouflage Versace mini dress so that her teensy tiny pair of glittery gold hot pants are on show. Kylie seems to suddenly realize she's being watched, but it doesn't bother her at all. She glances over her shoulder and giggles, still snuggling into Tyga.
Kylie also posted a Snapchat that showed her singing quietly to "My Way," the Fetty Wap hit, while Tyga strokes her cheek and tries to hold Kylie's attention on him as he nibbles at her lip. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star glances at Tyga, but keeps her eyes focused on the camera as she mouths the words to the song.
Kylie partied on that night, and also went with friends to The Nice Guy. On March 19, she posted a series of pics from the fun-filled night with plenty of shots in the car as the group of friends made their way between clubs.
Some fans loved watching the progress of the party, including the steamy parts.
Others may have watched Kylie and Tyga because they couldn't look away.
The couple's relationship has been confusing a lot of people lately. Even Kylie's sister, Khloe Kardashian, couldn't say for sure if Kylie and Tyga are on again or off again most of the time. Khloe told E! News in January that she was "just as confused" as anyone else about the couple.

It was only three months ago, in December, that they were reported to be "taking things lighter," and Khloe described Kylie's unpredictable relationship as "the life of an 18-year-old."

Tyga certainly made it sound like things might be getting serious when he opened up during a February radio interview. "I love that girl," he said. But he was also clear that they don't have any plans to get married, or even to enter into a long engagement. Despite what some fans think, they don't even have plans for Kylie and Tyga sextape video.
Right now, they are just enjoying themselves and each other, and making followers happy.
[Photo by Associated Press]