Penis Enlargement: Man With 3-Inch Penis Gets New Silicone Implant Sleeve, And Bigger Penis

When it comes to penis enhancements, the scary pearling penis process proves that some men are willing to go to great lengths to try and improve their penises in order to please their lovers, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The fact that 27,100 searches for “penis enlargement” come into Google each month, according to the search engine giant, means that men are fervently searching for ways to make their penises bigger. “Male enhancement” and the more direct searches like “how to make your d*** bigger” and “how to get a bigger d***” bring thousands more average monthly searches to Google. All those men typing “best male enhancement” and “d*** pills” into Google now have a new and interesting silicone penis implant available in 2016, which purports to be better than the penis implants of the older days.

Now there’s a new report from the New York Post which details how Jason, a man who used to have a three-inch penis, experienced the heartbreak of a fiancée who dumped him after six long years together, due to the 35-year-old’s three-inch penis being too small for her satisfaction.

That’s when Dr. James Elist, who can be seen in the following YouTube video on his channel, stepped in.

As stated in the description box of the YouTube video, Dr. Elist’s penile implant was designed to help men who want the size of their manhood to increase in measurable ways.

“Dr. James Elist was recently interviewed by ABC in Las Vegas. He discussed an exciting breakthrough in the detection of prostate cancer as well as his new book, “A Matter of Size”. He also discussed his pioneering patented, FDA-cleared subcutaneous soft silicone implant that he has used for his patients to improve the size and aesthetics of the penis.”

The Beverly Hills-based doctor has reviews from a few men who have experienced the procedure, with NSFW before-and-after penis photos to back up their claims. The description of that YouTube video claims that not only can the implant make the patient’s penis bigger in length, the implant can also make the girth of the penis bigger as well.

“In this video, the before and after results of a typical patient for Penile Enhancement of Dr. Elist are compared. The “before” video was taken 1 week prior to surgery and the “after” video was taken 8 weeks after surgery. As evident in the video, the increases in size are significant. Gains of approximately 2 inches in length as well as 1 inch in girth are observed. It is important to note that these measurements are only preliminary and the final results will likely be even greater and evident in the coming months, as the patient’s body (and penis) stretch and grow due to the implant.

“Also, as the body heals, the incision line will regress and blend in. Note the natural look and movement of the penis as Dr. Elist tests the patient’s penis in an upward and downward fashion.

The video goes on to describe how after patients obtain the penis enhancement, the penis keeps it potential to remain just as pliable as before the penis implant. The only thing that should change is the increased size of the penis. There should be no problems with erection as long as the penis enhancement patients heed the doctor’s warning to abstain from sex for a recommended period of time after the penis implant. Jason was told to wait four weeks for sexual activity, but he waited eight weeks, just to be safe.

The customized penis implants are cut specifically to fit the shape and size of the individual wearer’s penis. A three-inch penis could grow to a five-inch (or longer) penis. The procedure cost $13,000, and can only be done at Elist’s Beverly Hills location right now.

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