UFO Hunters Want NASA To Explain This Mysterious 'Formation Of UFOs' Orbiting Earth In STS-100 Space Shuttle Mission Photo

UFO hunters have revisited one of the most intriguing UFO mysteries of all times, the mysterious case of an unexplained "formation of UFOs" spotted in a NASA photograph (ID: STS100-708A-48) from the April 2001 STS-100 Space Shuttle Endeavor Mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

Soon after the fleet of UFOs flying in a perfect straight line formation was discovered some years ago, NASA quietly -- and conspiratorially, according to UFO hunters -- deleted the image from its website.

The action led to a massive uproar in the UFO community, with loud and strident accusations from angry UFO hunters that NASA was trying to hide from the public the confirmed discovery of a mysterious fleet of UFOs in orbit around Earth.

When the image later reappeared at a different location on NASA's website, some UFO hunters declared victory, claiming that NASA was forced to re-upload the image because the sustained uproar from members of the UFO community had embarrassed the agency caught red-handed removing from its website incriminating evidence of the agency's knowledge of alien UFOs in orbit around Earth.

STS-100 image shows fleet of UFOs
Zooming in on a section of this STS-100 image shows a fleet of UFOs, according to UFO hunters. See zoomed-in image below [Image via NASA.gov]Interest in the old photo was re-ignited recently after several online UFO forums debated the significance of the photos to the UFO disclosure movement.

The discussions on multiple forums caused the UFO and paranormal phenomena research website The Black Vault to take a second close look at the famous image. New observations about the image by The Black Vault researchers have raised new questions in online UFO forums.

The Black Vault acknowledged that after the initial uproar over deletion of the image from NASA's website, it reappeared at a different location on the agency's website.

The image may also be viewed at its current location on the agency's website here.

The YouTube below uploaded online by UFOvni2012 on July 9, 2013, also includes close-up views that reveal the mysterious "formation of UFOs" in detail.

Anyone may view the UFOs on NASA's website (see link above) with the help of the zoom-in feature offered on high resolution images.

According to The Black Vault, it is clear that UFO researchers were right when they first pointed out that the STS-100 image shows a mysterious "formation of UFOs" and called on NASA to give the public an explanation of the observed anomaly.

And as far as UFO hunters are concerned, NASA's silence on the matter gives evidence that the agency was caught pants down trying to cover up UFOs on a photo snapped during the STS-100 mission.

The Black Vault argues that latest investigations disprove previous claims by skeptics that the multiple UFOs are really a single UFO that appears as several UFOs flying in a formation due to long exposure of the moving object or multiple photos laid on top of the each other to bring out details.

UFOs in orbit
'Formation of UFOs' appear in zoomed-in image of the STS-100 photo [Image via NASA.gov]The researcher draws viewers' attention to other anomalies in the photo that UFO investigators had missed when the mysterious formation of UFOs was first discovered.

The Black Vault notes that while some of the newly discovered anomalies could in fact be satellites, space debris or "photographic artifacts," their presence helps to disprove claims that the alleged "formation of UFOs" is a single space debris or satellite that looks like multiple UFOs flying in formation due to long exposure or multiple photos laid on each other.

The UFO researcher points out that long exposure of a moving object usually results in a long streak of light as opposed to the multiple and distinct objects arranged in a straight line that we see when we zoom in on the STS-100 photo (see the UFOvni2012 YouTube video). This suggests that the image actually shows a fleet of UFOs, and not a single UFO moving while being photographed.

UFO fleet in space
Did the April 2001 STS-100 Space Shuttle mission photograph a fleet of alien UFOs above Earth? [Image via Shutterstock]Similarly, if the image was the result of multiple photos laid on each other to bring out details, we would expect to see the same effect in the additional anomalies. The fact that the other anomalies appear as single objects raises important questions about the nature of the anomalies, according to the UFO researcher.

If we believe that the photo is a long exposure or several photos laid on each other then we are forced to make the bizarre conclusion that the other objects had been sitting in one spot during the process of photographing them. No known objects, besides intelligently controlled and powered crafts, could hover in one spot in orbit.

Alternatively, we may conclude that the image was not a long exposure photo and thus that the old "formation of UFOs" anomaly was in fact what UFO hunters claimed it was -- a fleet of UFOs, possibly alien crafts, flying in formation above Earth in space.

UFO hunters have challenged NASA to give an alternative explanation.

The latest observations deepen the mystery of the famous fleet of UFOs from the STS-100 mission and recalls the even more famous mysterious footage taken during NASA's STS-48 Space Shuttle Discovery mission, considered by many UFO researchers the "most baffling UFO footage ever" (see YouTube below).

Launched on September 12, 1991, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the mission with a crew of five conducted experiments in orbit and deployed multiple satellites, including the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite. The mission completed more than 80 orbits of Earth and covered about 2.2 million miles before landing at Edwards Air Force Base on September 18.

Review of footage taken on board the shuttle on September 15, 1991, at about 20:30-20:45 GMT, revealed multiple bright UFOs that appeared to be flying under intelligent control.

Although NASA and other researchers attempted to quell speculations with the explanation that the alleged UFOs were really ice particles moving as the shuttle's thrusters fired, controversy over interpretation of the footage has persisted for more than two decades.

The Inquisitr reported fresh debate over the footage last December after the blog Collective Evolution published a review of the debate it generated among scholars and space researchers.

The interested reader may view the report here, and the comment on the current status of the debate from his perspective posted to the Inquisitr by a noted researcher James Oberg, former NASA scientist who worked at the Johnson Space Center on the Space Shuttle program. Oberg was involved in the debate the footage sparked among specialists.

[Image via NASA.gov]