Watch Kurt Warner Celebrate With UNI Panthers After Buzzer Beating Win

UNI alum Kurt Warner was seen celebrating with the Panthers after last night’s buzzer beating win against the Texas Longhorns.

Warner was front and center in Seattle showing his support for the University of Northern Iowa. The former quarterback was there to witness the amazing upset that led to his college team moving on in this crazy tournament.

Kurt was seen many times throughout the game cheering on the Panthers and watching what is now being called the buzz beating win. As the game was headed into overtime, Warner watched as Paul Jesperson made a historic three point shot from half court. Kurt Warner joined a sea of purple and gold as the crowded invaded the court to celebrate the amazing win.

It is not Kurt Warner on the court that has people talking today, but a video of Warner celebrating with the Panthers after the game. The team seems thrilled when the famous quarterback joined them in the hallway for an impromptu celebration. Kurt can be seen jumping up and down, going crazy with the team. Warner does not seem shy about showing his happiness at all.

Along with being on hand to help the UNI Panthers celebrate their big win, Kurt Warner was also on hand to give the guys some advice before the game. WHO TV 13 out of Des Moines is reporting that the Panthers have been receiving words of advice from Warner through text messages. As to what kind of advice Kurt has been giving to the team, UNI player Wes Washpun gave a little bit of insight.

“It means everything to have a guy like Kurt in our corner and giving us motivational texts throughout the weekend. He pretty much told us that this is our moment and to go take it and that’s what we did.”

After he was seen celebrating with the team, Kurt Warner spoke to Sports Illustrated about not only what the win meant to him but also about the advice he gave the team in the locker room before the game. Kurt shared that he spoke to the team about being in their shoes, perception and showing the world exactly who the UNI Panthers are. Once the game was over, Warner sent out a tweet that kind of echoed his perceptive thoughts.

It was a Warner family affair at the game. Kurt tweeted earlier in the night a picture of him and two of his sons at the game. Both boys were also decked out in Panthers apparel showing their support for their dad’s school.

The buzz beating win that gave the University of Northern Iowa a historic win over the Texas Longhorns became a trending topic. Kurt Warner was there to watch as his old alma mater do the unthinkable, the unimaginable and made a half court shot sending the underdog Panthers into the next round. It was a game that will have people talking for a long time to come and Warner will likely continue to show just how proud he is to have been part of the UNI family.

March Madness is in full swing and everyone is standing by his or her team. Even celebrities are not exempt from showing their school pride and the latest celebrity to stand by his school is former football quarterback Kurt Warner. He was all about celebrating with the team after their now infamous Hail Mary won the game.

Congratulations goes out to the UNI Panthers, who will play Texas AM next in the round of the NCAA tournament. Will they be able to pull out a win against another Texas team and will Warner be there to cheer them on to another victory? Both of those questions will be answered tomorrow at 6:45 p.m. EST.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]