Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner Photos Leaked As Lesbian Rumors Resurface

Pictures of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have leaked to the internet on the same day as rumors around Jenner's sexuality resurfaced. As every fan of One Direction will be well aware pictures of Styles and Jenner were everywhere around new-year. Jenner and her mother joined Harry on the Azoff's yacht in the Caribbean island of St. Barts. Pictures released appeared to show Styles and Jenner getting cosy on the yacht whilst paparazzi photographers snapped away. Strangely no pictures of Styles emerged after Jenner left the yacht.

At the time, there were numerous rumors that all might have been as it seemed between Styles and Jenner. The Mirror reported that OK! magazine was running an article claiming that Jenner was a lesbian. As was reported in The Inquisitr at the time many believed that Kendall's mother Kris Jenner arranged a fake romance with Harry to hide her daughter's sexuality. The fact that London stylist Pandora Lennard was seen emerging from Harry's home just days after the Caribbean trip added to speculation that Styles was acting as Jenner's "beard."

The fact is that Harry and Kendall have not been seen together since January. Earlier this week it was reported that Selena Gomez had said in an interview with Capital FM that Kendall was dating someone but no details emerged. Over the course of this week rumors about Jenner's sexuality have re-emerged on social media. Just as the rumors gathered strength we have seen the "leak" over another raft of "intimate" pictures of Harry and Kendall back on the yacht.

The Mirror reports that the pictures of Harry and Kendall emerged today and claim that many One Direction fans believe that Harry's mother's iCloud account has been hacked. The Sun reports that the leaked snaps show 22-year-old Harry cuddling up to Kendall aboard the yacht whilst another shows Harry and Kendall lounging in swimwear and taking pictures of each other. As many One Direction fans have pointed out the pictures of Harry and Kendall are nothing that hasn't been seen before, they are simply different versions of the snaps we saw around new-year.

The fact that the new pictures of Harry and Kendall have leaked just as the rumors about Kendall's sexuality have re-emerged is seen as highly suspicious by many of Harry's fans. Some have even claimed that the Sun ran a story about the "hack" five hours before it reportedly happened.

Of course, Harry's fans are always likely to enjoy new pictures of the One Direction singer but most would be outraged if Harry's mom had in fact been hacked. It is claimed that the pictures emerged from a twitter account @HaarryStyles. Of course, there have been claims in the past that accounts belonging to Harry, his family and others involved with One Direction have been hacked. These claims have been proven false. As many point out after the Sony e-mail hack and other celebrity leaks back in 2014 it is likely that Harry and his family are especially careful to ensure that their data is secure.
Metro reports that it isn't clear whether or not Styles mother or indeed anyone was actually hacked "although some Twitter users have pointed out that some of the images look to have been taken by Harry with no one else around, suggesting they might have nothing to do with his mum."

Many of Harry's fans question the timing of this leak and suggest that they have been released deliberately to throw shade at the latest claims about Jenner's sexuality.

Of course, no-one condones the invasion of Harry Styles privacy through illegal activity such as hacking and if that is what actually happened Harry's fans will be furious. That said Harry's fans will not be at all happy if Styles is once again being used in a PR stunt. One Direction are supposed to be on hiatus and most fans would like nothing better than to see Harry and his bandmates left alone to enjoy their break.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]