Jenna Dewan Tatum And Anna Faris Open Up About Their Famous Husbands And Being 'Normal' In Hollywood

Jenna Dewan and Anna Faris recently got together for some very, very serious business, reported Daily Mail. That serious business was dancing around a table in a sexy and seductive way. And they posted the video online. When you look like they do, why not? The duo was dancing in some ginormous heels while teaching viewers how to kick, whip your hair, and give very seducing stares.

"Behold Tuesday's guest! The incredible @jennaldewan!! Needless to say @annafaris & Jenna got a little silly… D*** it's going to be a great episode!" the caption under the dance post read.

The video, posted via Instagram, was a part of of Anna Faris' podcast called, Anna Faris is Unqualified. But more than just a sultry dance took place during the podcast, with the ladies talking very openly and honestly about being married to Hollywood hunks. To clarify, Anna Faris is married to Chris Pratt and Jenna Dewan is married to Channing Tatum.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have the look of love at the premiere of Jurassic World. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]
Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have the look of love at the premiere of Jurassic World. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]"You and I are in similar situations in that we spend a lot of time away from our partners…" Anna stated during the podcast.

"You're alone a lot, so you have like a certain feeling of could I take care of myself? Should I have to?" Jenna responded with, reported Elle.

The pair went on, exchanging what it's like dealing with Hollywood gossip, busy acting schedules, and how the environment around Hollywood is very much like high school.

"Chris is gone and for like, three, four months, and I'm sure Channing as well," Anna said with Jenna agreeing with her. Though Jenna stated that while it's very hard to be away from each other, they don't like to be apart for more than two weeks.

Jenna also mentioned that she and Channing always talk about Anna and Chris, wanting to hang out with them since they seem to have a lot in common. The conversation turned a little awkward with Anna turning red and admitting that she and Chris feel the same way.

"So, you know like when you have crushes on people you want to be friends with? That's how we feel." Jenna admitted. "Just thought we should put that out in the open, on the podcast. So we're all aware of this obsession."

Later on during the podcast, Anna asked Jenna to be her friend. And she said "yes!"

Jenna Dewan Tatum showed off her dance moves and imitated her husband on a recent episode of Lip Sync Battle. [Image via Spike]
Jenna Dewan Tatum showed off her dance moves and imitated her husband on a recent episode of 'Lip Sync Battle.' [Image via Spike]Anna also talked about why the podcast has been so awesome. "One of the awesome things about doing this podcast has been that I feel like I've been able to talk about my relationship with Chris that doesn't involve tabloid gossip and I love that." Anna admitted.

As for the high school/Hollywood comparison, Jenna had this to say.

"Yes, it's absolutely high school. It's absolutely high school in Hollywood because there's like the cool group, the group that's like the nerds, the this, there's all this—but then there's—like in high school, you pick who you want to—you sort of see people that you feel like match up who you are and you want to be with them. It's this really strange, bizarre world. That's why when you meet people who are in this world but not of it, you're like, let's be friends."
Since its launch, Anna's podcast has lived up to its promise to give "not-so-great relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types." According to E! News, Jenna isn't the only star to have graced Anna's podcast. Allison Janney, Missi Pyle and Zach Selwyn, Ellen Page, Lisa Kudrow, Jaime Pressly, Adam Corolla and Lance Bass have also been featured on Unqualified.

Tell us! Do you agree with Jenna Dewan Tatum that Hollywood is like High School? Let us know in the comments below.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]