Ariana Grande: A Young Woman With A Very Serious Mission

A lot of young men are crazy about Ariana Grande, and lady fans adore her fashion statements. She has an excellent vocal range that sounds like it’s coming from someone much bigger, taller, and older. Here’s a look at why everyone can’t seem to get enough of Ariana these days, despite her recent lengthy exposure at Saturday Night Live.

Ariana Grande is already her very own woman despite her age. She is in fact one of those so-called old souls. Case in point: She issued her very own feminist manifesto via Vanity Fair in June of last year. And this year, she has stayed faithful with her mission by coming up with a music album entitled Dangerous Woman.

Indeed, Ariana always lets her sexiness come across in anything she does, revealing in no uncertain terms that she is very comfortable with her sexuality. Some quarters of society feel sorry for her growing up too fast, putting on make-up too soon, and working too hard for her money like Beyoncé. But come to think of it, all that is the very definition of the modern woman.

Take it from Jennifer Lawrence, who herself would embarrass a lot of men with her Lenny Letter, which details her grueling experience with the gender-skewed pay scales in Hollywood. Like Katniss Everdeen picking up her bow and arrow, she aims at her target with surgical precision. And of course, who can forget about Patricia Arquette’s address during the 2015 Oscar Awards, as reported in Variety. Women are beginning to speak up in unison regarding the sad realities of gender inequality.

Ariana Grande is just one of them, but nonetheless, a powerful force to reckon with. The fact that she is in show business like her pal Taylor Swift gives her a very visible platform from which to address her hordes of fans. Madonna did it during her reigning years when she sang “Papa Don’t Preach” and said “Don’t go for second best, baby, put your lover to the test…”

Ariana Grande, along with her fellow women, are doing it these days on a much grander scale in the music industry and in Hollywood in particular. The revolution is coming, one that Karl Marx described in his book The Communist Manifesto as the inevitable polarization in a capitalist society. This time around, though, it’s not about classes. Now it’s all about gender, and the apparent lack of equality thereof.

Women who call a spade a spade are dangerous, indeed, and this is the kind of feminism that Grande adheres to in her latest album, as Inquisitr reported previously. Her recent overtime performance at SNL had everything to do with comedy, vocal prowess, and with feminism as well. She took over the show on March 12, just because she could, to the attention of the whole world.


In so doing, Ariana also spoke on behalf of gay rights activists, particularly in reference to his brother, Frankie Grande. Ariana’s brother is also in the entertainment business. Growing up, Ariana reveals how she has shared Frankie’s experience of persecution and discrimination. Ariana has definitely raised music to a higher level, as she has learned to harness its power to address important issues for which the general public needs to have its eyes wide open.

Just across the border, the newly minted prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is preaching the same tune in his own way. In a recent White House dinner in his honor, U.S. President Barack Obama would jokingly refer to Trudeau as the most popular Justin in America. The prime minister has not shown the world yet that he can sing, although he sure can box.

He was recently honored at the United Nations for espousing gender equality, particularly for coming up with a gender-balanced cabinet. When asked why he was doing so, Trudeau simply replied, “Because its 2016.” Clearly, the winds of feminism are blowing; the Lawrence, Arquette, and now, the Ariana Grande statements are not isolated incidents.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]