WWE News: Big Update On Bray Wyatt’s Injury, Still Set For ‘WrestleMania 32’ Appearance?

When it comes to The Wyatt Family, WWE has put a lot of promotion behind them. WWE pretty much ended the group in 2014 only to bring them back in a much bigger way in 2015. Many assumed that this would be the time Bray Wyatt would truly get to shine. That was supposed to happen at WrestleMania in fact. While WWE had no plans to put Wyatt in the main event of the show, they did plan to put him in a big match.

He was supposed to take on Brock Lesnar, but WWE decided to go with Dean Ambrose instead. This was a good and bad plan. Fans want to see Ambrose in a big match, but the fans also want to see Wyatt given a big opportunity as well. There are conflicting reasons the change was made. The first was that WWE felt Ambrose was better for WrestleMania and Wyatt could take on Lensnar at another time, like WWE SummerSlam.

The other reason was that Bray was hurt with a back injury, which can be a major issue if things are not right. The back is used so often in pro wrestling, so a hurt back means you cannot perform. However, many believe Wyatt was hurt “after” the decision was made to give Ambrose the match. It was then thought Bray Wyatt would miss WrestleMania due to his injury. However, it does appear that this will not be the case.

Bray Brock

According to Daily Wrestling News, Bray Wyatt returned to action in a tag team match with Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman last night for a WWE live event in Syracuse. He was said to have wrestled a bit in the match, which means he clearly is attempting to return, but is obviously doing light work first. He has not missed much television time, as he has been used on programming. However, WWE has yet to really do anything with him.

There is now a rumor that states WWE does have big plans for him post-WrestleMania, but there was also a need for him to have something at the show itself. This led many to believe that he will be part of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It would be a good match for him to be part of, as he can avoid most major bumps but also say he took part in the event. It is uncertain if he would end up winning the Battle Royal itself, but with him being part of it, there is a good shot.

However, WWE has wanted to push Braun Strowman and he was rumored to win the match earlier this year. This could be a good time for him to sort of break away from the group if WWE wants him to do so.


Right now WWE has not really announced anyone for the match outside of the Social Outcasts in Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Heath Slater, and Curtis Axel. WWE is planning on the match being a 20-man battle royal instead of the 30 it has been. It will also take place on the kick-off show for USA Network, which is the first time the network has ever done a live kick-off show for WWE on the day of WrestleMania.

It is expected that The Wyatt Family, and Bray Wyatt in particular, will take part in the battle royal match, but WWE is also expected to add more people in the coming weeks. The idea floating around is that we will see many announce their bid in the match as soon as this week on WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown. The card for WrestleMania should be set in full by this week in fact.

[Image via WWE]