Katie Holmes Spotted Showing Off Her Engagement Ring From Jamie Foxx?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's relationship appears stronger than ever as rumors swirl about an engagement. Both Foxx and Holmes have been spotted wearing rings on their wedding fingers in recent months, while the latter was once again seen sporting a diamond ring. Is this evidence that the two are officially engaged?

According to Radar Online, Holmes was seen making her way through New York City when cameras caught a glimpse of her diamond ring. In the photos, the actress wore a light tan jacket and blue jeans. She appeared to be out shopping.

Holmes was not shy about showing off her ring, allowing cameras to catch several shots of the gold band. Interestingly, Holmes wasn't wearing any other jewelry for the outing and instead sported a more casual look for her shopping day.

This isn't the first time Holmes has been seen wearing a ring. According to Hollywood Life, the Batman Begins star wore the same ring back in January during a formal gathering. Although she stated that it was simply a nice piece of jewelry that went along with her outfit, it seems that the ring is much more than that.

Unfortunately, little is known about the history of the ring or where Foxx may have purchased it. Some have speculated that it actually belonged to Foxx's grandmother, though this has not been confirmed. Whatever the truth may be, the ring is definitely big enough for an engagement piece and too fancy for anything casual.

To add more mystery to the mix, Jamie Foxx was recently seen wearing a gold band of his own on his left ring finger. Naturally, this sparked more speculation that the pair are planning on getting married, especially considering how their rings appear to match and the timing of the photos is more than a coincidence.

So far, neither Foxx nor Holmes have officially declared their love each other in the media. In fact, Daily Mail is reporting that a rep for Foxx has revealed that the rings don't mean anything, and that they are definitely not engagement rings of any sort.

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Not Engaged, But What About That Rumored Baby On The Way? [Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty]
Jamie Foxx has not commented on his rumored relationship with Katie Holmes. [Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]Without anything official to go on, the mysteries surrounding Foxx's relationship with Holmes continue to build. While many have speculated that the couple has been together for over two years now, they have remained silent on the issue. That being said, they might have good reasons behind their decision to keep things private.

Apparently, Foxx and Holmes haven't publicly announced their relationship out of fear of Katie Holmes' ex-husband, Tom Cruise. Considering Cruise's former passion for his ex-wife, the two are rumored to be afraid that he might act out if they decided to let the world know they're together. In particular, they are worried that he might attempt to assert more control over their daughter, especially if Holmes brings another man into her life.

"She's afraid that he'll be angry that Suri will have a new father figure and come crashing back into her and Suri's lives," an insider source explained.

Meanwhile, Holmes is currently busy promoting her upcoming film, All We Had. The movie is set to premiere next month and marks the first time Holmes has stepped behind the camera. Along with directing the flick, Holmes plays the lead part, starring alongside Stefania LaVie Owen.

Since her relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has kept her relationships private. [Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty]
Since her relationship with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has kept her relationships private. [Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images]Holmes has been busy promoting her new movie on social media, though she has remained quiet about her romance with Foxx. Perhaps after things settle down, both Foxx and Holmes will let their fans know more about their secretive nature. Until then, fans can watch Holmes in All We Had, which is set to hit theaters on April 13.

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