Kevin Smith ‘The Flash’ Instagram Photos Sparks Jay & Silent Bob Cameo Rumors

Thanks to Instagram photos from Kevin Smith on the set of The Flash, the rumor mill is buzzing that Jay and Silent Bob are making a cameo on the show.

Smith began directing his first episode of The Flash this week in Vancouver. The actor has taken to Instagram a number of times to share photos and one of them is sparking a huge rumor.

Kevin shared a picture of himself and pal Jason Meeves together on set in front of the famous CC Jitters, the coffee shop featured in the show. The photos have caused the rumor mill to run rampant with ideas that Jay and Silent Bob are headed to the hit CW show. Plus, both Smith and Meeves certainly look like they could be in character as well.

Although Kevin Smith discussed directing The Flash, he did not mention anything about Jay or Silent Bob being on the show. The Instagram photo of Smith and Meeves, could very well be just a tease about a surprise cameo of the beloved characters. Can you image Jay and Silent Bob hanging out with The Flash? It would be iconic.

The photo of Kevin and Jason on set of The Flash could simply just be one friend supporting another. Both guys are huge comic book fans, so the much talked about picture could mean nothing other than Meeves got to hang out on set while Kevin was working. Here is hoping that is not the case.

It was revealed in January that Kevin Smith would direct an episode of The Flash. Major plotlines have, naturally, been kept under wraps but some details have been shared thanks to social media. Thor writer and huge comic book fan Zack Stertz was brought on board to write the episode Smith is directing. In a Twitter post that showed the front page of the script for the show with both his and Smith's names on it, he expressed his gratitude for being part of the episode.

Since he began directing The Flash, Kevin has been sharing insights into his experience with fans on Instagram. Along with picture of Smith and Meeves, that has fans hoping that Jay and Silent Bob are making a cameo in the show, Kevin has been updating his followers on what his days are like directing. He gave a shout out to the amazing cast and crew he has worked with. Smith teased about the character of Zoom wanting him to keep quiet about the plotline. He also talked about The Flash himself. It seems very clear Kevin Smith is having a great time directing The CW show.

Even though Smith has been talking up his experience via social media, details surrounding the episode are still being kept quiet. Although new episodes of The Flash begin airing on Tuesday March 22, the actual air date of Kevin's directed episode has not yet been announced. The episode will be the 21st episode of Season 2, so it will likely air in late April or early May.

The Flash and Kevin Smith are joining forces and now there is the possibility that Jay and Silent Bob may be joining the team too. The two characters created all those years ago by Kevin and Jason have made many cameos over the years but could The Flash be a little too family friendly for Jay and Silent Bob? After all, despite how beloved the characters may be, they are not so wholesome to say the least.

Do you think that Jay and Silent Bob will show up on The Flash or do you think Kevin was simply teasing by having Meeves post in a photo with him on set?

[Photo by Kevin Smith/Instagram]