Kids For Sale: Mom Posts Disturbing Photo Of Her Two Toddlers Duct-Taped To Facebook, Mom's 'Joke' Sparks Outrage

A Memphis, Tennessee mother is at the center of controversy over a disturbing photo she posted of her two kids "for sale" on social media. According to WCM Action News 5, a Facebook user named Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi posted the photo and almost immediately after it surfaced other social media users began voicing their concerns and sharing the photo.

The photo, which captures two small children duct-taped and bound at their wrists, includes a caption that reads, "Kids for sale, 45% because they bad." It has also been reported that the kids had tears in their eyes when the photo was taken, which leads many people to question whether the mom was series about selling her kids.

Concerned social media users who commented on the kids' photo shared their sentiments on how disturbing the photo is. "That's wrong. That's no joke. It's nothing to play with. I find it offensive," a Trezevant High School student.

"I could not breathe. It took my breathe away; caused extreme emotional distress. These are children. These are human beings," a parent said reportedly said.

Now, the photo has led to an investigation by the Memphis Police Department and Tennessee Department of Children's Services. Since the kids' sale photo has caught the attention of other law enforcement agencies, Jaibabi has deactivated the Facebook account associated with the photo. But, there could still be serious consequences due to what the photo suggested. Regardless of whether it was a joke or not, law enforcement agencies take the attempted sale of kids very seriously.

According to the United Nations Human Rights: Office of the High Commissioner, these disturbing acts are categorized as a violation of human rights regardless of parents' custodial rights to their kids.

The site explains that the "sale of children means any act or transaction whereby a child is transferred by any person or group of persons to another for remuneration or any other consideration." The site also explains the growing concern for the well-being of kids with the evolution of the Internet. Disturbing crimes like sex trafficking normally involve the sale of kids. So, disturbing photos like the one recently shared via Facebook, often raise concerns about the purpose of such an incriminating act.
"Concerned about the growing availability of child pornography on the Internet and other evolving technologies, and recalling the International Conference on Combating Child Pornography on the Internet, held in Vienna in 1999, in particular its conclusion calling for the worldwide criminalization of the production, distribution, exportation, transmission, importation, intentional possession and advertising of child pornography, and stressing the importance of closer cooperation and partnership between Governments and the Internet industry. -OHCHR"
Although the photo has made headlines all over the United States and the mother could face criminal charges for her actions, her cousin, Derion King, has defended her by insisting the photo was nothing more than a "practical joke" that has been taken to seriously."Basically a joke at the moment that people just went overboard about. People make mistakes and that's what this situation is, a lesson learned. They are safe, unharmed, and loved. That's all it is to it."

At this point, it is unclear whether the mother will face charges or if the children will placed in the custody of child protective services. Since details about the kids' sale photo are limited, the investigation will be ongoing as the Memphis Police Department and Child Protective Services continue researching the photo before investigating the family.

[Image via Facebook/Jaton Justsilly Jaibabi]