Missing Texas Girl Adriana Coronado Found Dead After Father's Body Found Burned [Video]

Early Monday, in response to a horrific crime scene, an Amber Alert was issued for a missing 14-year-old girl in Texas, Adriana Coronado. Her father had been found dead on Sunday. On Wednesday, a body was found in a field near a Texas freeway; authorities have confirmed that the body belonged Adriana.

CNN reports that the missing Texas girl's body was found off of a road near the Sam Houston Parkway by a gardener. The degree to which the body was already decomposed made identification of the remains difficult. Ultimately, authorities had to use fingerprints to identify Adriana; the identification of the missing Texas girl's body was made possible by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.

Missing Texas Teen Found
[Photo by @AnoushahKPRC/Coronado Family/Twitter]According to reports, the missing Texas girl was last seen on Saturday in Katy, a suburb of Houston. It was during the investigation of her father that authorities realized that Adriana Coronado was missing. Adriana's father, Caesar Vladimir Coronado, was found deceased more than 60 miles from Katy, Texas. His remains were badly burned, and his vehicle, a pickup truck, was found miles away in Montgomery County. The truck had also been burned.

On Thursday, while the remains of the missing Texas girl were still being identified, Walker Country Sheriff Clint McRae told the media and the public that police are seeking a person of interest in the case of Adriana Coronado and her father. They are reportedly looking for a man that was seen in a surveillance video running from the scene of the burning pickup truck that belonged to the missing Texas teen's father. The surveillance video was reportedly recorded in an industrial park in Conroe, Texas.

Take a look.

The video attributed to the case of the missing Texas girl who's since been found deceased is difficult to discern. It shows a Ford F-150 being driven through a lot and parked just out of range of the camera. The truck has been identified as the one belonging to Adriana Coronado's deceased father. The video also shows a small explosion or strong ignition of a fire, reflected off of another vehicle in the lot, possibly with the use of an accelerant. Then, the suspect in question flees the scene. Police have also released another video related to the case of the missing (now deceased) Texas teen and her father, which shows the suspect in the Texas case running down a nearby alley and fleeing into a nearby parking lot.

According to the Sheriff, authorities investigating the case of the deceased Texas girl believe that making contact with the man shown in the videos will be "crucial in solving this case."

Authorities admit that finding him could prove to be incredibly difficult. The videos were recorded at around 10:30 p.m. local Texas time, and are therefore dark. They also provide no clear shot of the man's face, meaning that it's going to take someone close to him to help provide a positive identification.

"It's going to take an individual who is familiar with and knows this potential suspect [to identify him through his manner of walking, his clothing and his profile]."
ABC 13, a local media affiliate, reports that when they found the remains of the missing Texas girl, their first clue that they'd found Adriana was a bracelet she was wearing. They went on to say that they believe that the deceased Texas girl witnessed her father's murder before she was abducted and killed.

Missing Texas Teen Flier
[Photo by Coronado Family/Twitter]According to authorities, the cause of death in the cases of both father and daughter were gunshot wounds. Deceased Texas girl Adriana Coronado was shot multiple times, said police. Investigators are currently using forensic technology to determine whether or not the same gun was used on both victims.

Authorities in the case believe the man shown on the surveillance video is Hispanic; he was picked up by another vehicle after fleeing the scene of the burning pickup truck. Law enforcement involved in the case of the deceased Texas teen are looking for both the fleeing suspect and the getaway driver, adding that there is currently not an obvious motive in the case.

Anyone with information about the case of the deceased Texas girl Adriana Coronado is asked to call HPD, Crime Stoppers or the Walker County Sheriff's Office.

[Image Courtesy Of Walker County Sheriff's Office]