Now Hiring: Japan Actively Recruiting Full-Time Ninjas

Remember practicing your ninja moves in the garage until your mom would tell you, “You can’t really be a ninja when you grow up?”

She was wrong.

Japan has an active job posting for ninjas. Obviously, this is not a job opening you see every week, so if you happen to possess ninja skills, you may want to dust off your nunchucks, sharpen up your throwing stars and apply. Because not only will you actually get paid to be a ninja, you will be able to include the title of ninja on every resume you ever submit for the rest of your life, and this time, it won’t even be a lie.

Japan’s Aichi region is seeking to hire six full-time ninjas — because who can trust a part-time ninja, honestly? According to the job ad, applicants are required to be in peak physical condition and possess acrobatic skills. Once hired, ninjas will be paid 180,000 yen per month. (That sounds like a lot, but it comes out to about $1,600 in U.S. dollars, which isn’t much…until you remember that you are being paid to be a ninja.)

As an actual, no-kidding, real-life ninja, your primary duties are not, as you may suspect, fighting off bad guys or being a bad guy yourself. Even though ninjas are known as “experts in the art of assassination, espionage, sabotage and other forms of irregular warfare,” and were mercenaries in Japan during the 15th century, the six chosen ninjas will have duties that are a lot less bloody. In fact, the main purpose of the six ninjas will be to promote tourism in Japan’s Aichi region. So, your ninja duties will be less kicking people in their faces and more like performing for tourists, and demonstrating the use of the trademark shuriken weapons — don’t forget your ninja stars — as well as posing for photos.