‘Supernatural’ Season 11 Bloopers: The Internet Thinks You’re Crazy [Video]

Supernatural may been off air until Wednesday, but it has not stopped Season 11 news being shared. This week, a Season 11 blooper called "The Internet Things You're Crazy" has been shared on Vimeo.

It is not clear whether this Supernatural blooper is a real one from Season 11 or just something the actors have had fun with during some downtime. It would not be the first time they have done something just for the fans. In Season 4, Jensen Ackles lip-synced to Eye of the Tiger after Jared Padalecki purposely missed his cue to see what his co-star would do. That video is still a popular blooper among the SPN Family.

The internet thinks you're crazy. from Shaving People Punting Things on Vimeo.

Now, the boys are back and this time, have another actress involved. It looks like the two Winchester brothers are working a case and looking for information when the woman says that the internet thinks she is crazy. While Ackles' character Dean clearly does not listen and says they believe her, Padalecki's character Sam stops and corrects him. It is clearly a dig at those who believe everything they see on the Internet.

It is all completely out of character for the two. If anything, Dean would usually be the one to assume someone is crazy, or tell them to their face. In Supernatural, Sam has a lot more tact when dealing with sensitive issues, like this one.The actress playing the "crazy woman" remains in character while the crew laugh and come onto the set. Part way through, Padalecki has someone rearrange his hair for him, making Ackles swoon. They then get straight back to the woman, thanking her for her time. Movie Web is unsure what episode this Supernatural blooper is from, and some fans question whether it really is from an episode at all. It would seem strange for a blooper from an unaired episode to be unearthed right now.

Supernatural was recently announced as one of the lucky CW shows. All shows have been renewed, and it means the show about two brothers hunting supernatural creatures will return for a 12th season. Ackles and Padalecki are expected to return and have said in the past that they will be there as long as the fans want them and there are stories to be told.

Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard are also expected to return and reprise their roles as Castiel and Crowley, although it will depend on how the Lucifer situation is dealt with throughout the rest of Season 11.At the moment, Castiel has been taken over by archangel Lucifer, as a way to stop The Darkness, Amara. Dean is unable to kill Amara, feeling a strong desire for her, so it will be up to Sam to do the dirty work. Crowley managed to escape Lucifer's capture, and is now on the run and will likely turn to the Winchesters for help.Supernatural finished for a month-long hiatus with Beyond the Mat, focusing on the Winchesters' love of wrestling. The only big cliffhanger was that Crowley had once had a Hand of God and had now escaped from Lucifer. Fans say that it was very unlike Supernatural, which usually has a big Season-centered storyline before the mini hiatus in March.

Supernatural will wrap up its 11th Season over the next few weeks, finishing on May 25. A date for Season 12 has not yet been shared, but it will likely come back at the start of October, as it has done in previous years. Supernatural fans will be happy to know that a new episode Safe House will air on Wednesday, and it will include Bobby and Rufus.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]