'The Walking Dead' Fan Favorites: Four Characters Who Died Too Soon

The Walking Dead is coming up to the end of Season 6, and with that will be more major character death. This is nothing new in the TWD world and Rick has lost a lot of people that he cares about along the way. There are a few people who met their death much sooner than fans would have wanted. Imagine Rick's group if some of the best characters that were lost along the way actually survived to help rebuild and to fight against Negan. It's understandable that some great characters have to die in order for TWD fans to stay engaged and for the AMC hit to stay realistic, but it never hurts to think about what may have happened if some of the best were still around.

Noah is definitely one of the characters from The Walking Dead that died too soon. Fans were excited when Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams was cast to play in the AMC hit, only to be upset when he died several episodes later in Season 5, Episode 14. Not only is Noah's death gruesome, but it also didn't have to happen. In the scene where Glenn, Noah and Nicholas were trapped in the warehouse, they all could have survived but Nicholas got scared and ran. Unfortunately, that left just enough of an opening for the walkers to drag Noah through the door and tear him apart on the other side of the glass.

Noah The Walking Dead

It was bloody and brutal and it really didn't have to end that way for Noah. Many fans thought his story was just getting started. Moviepilot pointed out that Noah's death was definitely foreshadowed when Reg gave him the notebook and starting talking to Noah about the future. It's usually a sign that when The Walking Dead characters start talking about the future or when a flashback tells their story, it means they are about to die. If Noah had stuck around, he could have been a real asset to Alexandria but his shocking death proved that even some of the most beloved characters can die.

No one has been more beloved than Beth (Emily McKinney0, who also ranks as one of the TWD characters that fans wish was still around. Beth met her end when she tried to attack Dawn in the hospital. Nevermind that the crazy leader totally deserved to die, she didn't need to take Beth with her! Maggie's quiet sister was finally starting to come out of her shell and could have been a huge asset to Rick's group but sadly, she wasn't rescued in time. Beth was instrumental in getting Noah and Carol out of the hospital, though. She also bonded with Daryl, a move that both helped him to care about others again and really broke him when she died. If Beth was still around, we can only imagine that Daryl would be a lot happier. Her death is part of Dixon's character arc that most believe is now complete.

T-Dog The Walking Dead

T-Dog (IronE Singleton) was a hero and he saved Carol from certain death. After his heroic choice to let the walkers have him in order for Carol to escape, she was able to do a lot for Rick's group. An original cast member from Season 1, T-Dog was a pretty important member of the group and was responsible for Merle getting stuck on the rooftop, a move that ultimately lost him a hand. The Walking Dead fans were never too sad about that though and some even thought T-Dog should have done more to Merle for the awful way he talked to him. T-Dog's character was always full of hope and tended to be very religious. If he had stuck around, there would be no need for Father Gabriel and that right there is a good enough reason to keep him.

Axel The Walking Dead

Axel (Lew Temple) spent part of Season 3 in the prison on The Walking Dead. Although he became part of Rick's group, Axel never was a major character even though he easily could have fit right in. It was the banter and lightheartedness between Axel and Carol that really had fans rooting for him. It seemed that he might just be the man for Carol, helping her to recover from losing literally her whole family. Axel died trying to keep The Governor and the rest of Woodbury from taking the prison just around the same time that fans were really getting to know him. If Axel had stuck around, we're betting that Tobin wouldn't have been kissing on Carol because she already would have been busy with another man.

As The Walking Dead gets closer to the end of Season 6, it's a safe bet that person can be added to the list of TWD characters that died too soon. It's still unclear who will end up losing their life to Negan when he is introduced in a few short weeks. The fifth spot on the list of The Walking Dead characters who died too soon is reserved for them. Who else do you think died too soon on TWD and would have been great had they made it all the way to Alexandria?

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