Have You Tried The Macaronut, The Macaron Donut Combo?

Move over cronut, the macaronut is here to take its place, combining the macaron and the donut to put a new sweet snack at the top of the list of favorite flavor combinations. But what is a macaronut? It's a macaron outside, decorated, with a creamy filling.

Mashable is reporting that macaronuts are the hot new dessert combo that is elevating both donuts and macarons to a new level. But this new combo has not been thought up randomly in your mama's kitchen. It comes from the top of the world of French pastry, chef Francois Payard, who is the genius behind the combo flavor sensation. A rep for Payard explained that he is always on the lookout for something that elevates dessert and pastry flavors.

"[Francois] has been inspired a lot lately with the American food trend of 'hybrids', and wanted to experiment with it while still staying true to his French roots."
One of the things that stands out about the macaronut is its color and decoration, which is vibrant, and would cheer up any lunchbox. Payard invented the macaronut for National Macaron Day, which falls on March 20, and gives a percentage of money raised to City Harvest, which fights hunger in New York City.

The first flavor launched was the strawberries and cream macaronut, which features bright pink offset by a creamy pink (it helps that it photographs well).

"Based upon the popularity of the strawberries and cream flavor that will launch on March 20, [Payard] will continue to develop more flavors."
Macaron enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on this macaronut starting tomorrow at any of Payard's New York locations.
Bustle says that the macaronut is following in the path of many dessert hybrids that have become favorites over the years. First the Fauxnut, followed by the Cronut, the Duffin and Bronut. But now, the combo that is the macaronut is about to make its first appearance, and if you like macarons or donuts, you will likely enjoy the macaronut. So many other pastries seem to elevate the donut to a new level.

François Payard started creating his own versions of French pastry in New York in the 90s, and continues to raise the bar. In 2010, he founded National Macaron Day, where lovers of the meringue based treat can stop by certain bakeries and get a free macaron.

This year for National Macaron Day, Payard punched a hole in the macaron, and "pimped it out" to create the macaronut. It is brightly colored and covered with sprinkles, and by appearance alone, it will attract a whole new audience to the macaron.

Payard has not shared anything more yet about the baking process of his macaronut, but if based on past experience with his creations, it will be amazing.

Town & Country is suggesting that we sound the alarm, because the macaronut is officially here for National Macaron day. But, as with all things Payard, this is not exactly your cheap street food. Each macaronut launching on National Macaron Day will be $5, but if you've priced macarons lately, they are also a bit spendy.

Town & Country says the new treat is the size of a macaron, but in the shape of a donut, and decorated more like a traditional American donut than like a macaron. It also seems to have a more pronounced filling than a macaron.

It seems macaronuts will be finding their place on Payard's menus going forward, and will only be the beginning of the new addition to the pastry menu. Welcome, Macaronut!

Will you celebrate National Macaron Day by seeking out a Macaronut?

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