Oops! Gwen Stefani Mistakes A Twitter Fan For Lady Gaga

Gwen Stefani was left feeling a little red-faced this week when she made a bit of a Twitter mishap on March 18 after mistakenly tweeting a Lady Gaga fan thinking that they were the pop star.

Stefani's social media mishap happened when Lady Gaga fan @gagamonster96, who's screen name on the site is "Lady Gaga," tweeted out that they were "Really loving @GwenStefani's new album" alongside a GIF of the real Gaga dancing.

The sweet message caught the attention of Gwen on the 140-character site, who then replied to the message thinking that it was actually from Gaga.

Stefani wrote, "Wow that means a lot thank u muffin gx" alongside the hashtag "#ThisIsWhatTheTruthFeelsLike" before she also retweeted the original message and a separate tweet in which @gagamonster96 wrote "Love you boo @GwenStefani."

Gwen was then left a little red-faced when she was then told by another fan on the site that the music messages were actually from a Gaga fan, and not from Lady Gaga herself.

A number of Stefani's fans alerted Gwen to her social media snafu, including Twitter user @revengepsycho, who tweeted Gwen "this isnt Gaga Gwen. But Gaga for sure will love your album!!!!"

Gwen acknowledged her mistake on the 140-character site, simply tweeting back "oh" alongside an embarrassed face emoji. @Gagamonster96 also noted Gwen's Twitter blunder, telling Stefani, "hey Gwen, I'm not Gaga but trust me she is probably loving your album just as much."

A number of other Gaga and Gwen fans joked about Stefani's blunder on Twitter on March 18, including @HausOfRomanoff who jokingly tweeted, "March 18, 2016 The day Gwen Stefani mistakenly thought a fan account to be Lady Gaga."

Twitter user @antoinettegaga also tweeted about the mishap, writing, "Gwen literally knows the struggle now. Almost everyday someone named 'lady gaga' follows me and for a minute I get excited too."

But while Lady Gaga is still yet to publicly speak out about Stefani's newest release, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, Gwen can be forgiven for thinking Gaga sent the message as the two have been known to exchange sweet messages on Twitter about Gwen's past music in the past.

Back in 2012, Gaga used the site to praise Stefani's recent Settle Down album with her band, No Doubt, and the musicians proceeded to get seriously nostalgic about the release in a series of gushing tweets.

"@nodoubt single 'Settle Down' is out. I just bought it! Go get it its so good! Band formed the year i was born! 1986 baby," Gaga wrote on Twitter in July 2012, to which Stefani replied "wow gaga muffin thanks for the shout out that's big! Kiss from one Stefani to another! Gx"

But Gwen and Lady Gaga's social media love-in certainly didn't stop there.

"I love watching you guys light up the charts. I'm feeling nostalgic today because of this," Gaga continued on Twitter, which came just days before Gaga wrote on the social media site "Is anyone else freaking out about No Doubt putting out a new album. I can't wait!"

Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani then spread the love on social media again in 2014 after Gaga thanked Stefani for using the title of her 2013 album, ARTPOP, in a sentence while promoting her popular perfume line.

"I love you even more Gwen Stefani," Lady Gaga tweeted out in October 2014 alongside a video of Gwen describing her perfume as being "artpop," the title of Gaga's album. "Thank you for using ARTPOP as an adjective. It made me smile #ARTPOP," the "Applause" singer added.

What do you think of Gwen Stefani's Lady Gaga Twitter mishap?

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]