New England Snow Forecast: Nor'Easter Set To Hit With Spring Right Around The Corner

New England and the Mid-Atlantic states are preparing for a late winter snowstorm named Regis. The brunt of the snow is expected to take place in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Regis is set to impact the New England area on Sunday and continue into Monday. According to the forecast, Connecticut is expected to see up to seven inches of snow while Massachusetts could see areas with a foot of snow. In the Mid-Atlantic region, New York City is expected to see up to eight inches of snow. AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist, Bernie Rayno, commented on the forecast.

"The best setup for a nor'easter with heavy snow will be farther to the northeast, especially in New England. If the storm develops to its full potential, then a blizzard could evolve in part of New England."
Weather experts are having some difficulty in determining just how strong Regis will be when it lands in New England. On their own, Nor'easters are difficult to predict but Regis is giving experts more problems than usual. The main reason for the difficulty is a difficult upper-level pattern. According to Weather, there is a complex interaction with a low-pressure system that is sitting off the east coast. In the midwest, there is a low-pressure system that has stalled out and the jet stream is running further south than normal. When you combine all these weather issues with Regis, it has the makings of a very strong storm. Unfortunately, accurate predictions will not happen until Regis gets closer to the New England states.Regis developed in the western part of the United States. Colorado and Wyoming were hit hard with snow totals in Colorado reaching 18 inches. Interstate 80 in Wyoming was closed on Thursday due to the severity of the snowstorm. Interstate 80 was reopened Friday morning.

As Regis makes its way across the country, West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania will be the first states hit. Due to the temperature in West Virginia, snow should only be encountered in the mountain regions. As evening approaches and temperatures drop below freezing, north Virginia, New Jersey, and Long Island will begin to see snow.

Sunday, as a low-pressure system develops over the Mid-Atlantic states, snow will continue in the Appalachian Mountains. Cape Cod, Nantucket Island, Martha's Vineyard, and eastern Long Island will see a small band of snow.

Monday, the low-pressure system that developed off the east coast will begin to move north towards Canada. Strong winds will develop in the New England region while snow continues to fall. The windy conditions will lead to blowing snow that has the potential to reduce visibility for travelers. The Monday morning rush hour traveling could be impacted with travel hazards.

The National Weather Service has a rating system called the "nor'easter impact scale." The scale goes from one to 10 with one being the weakest type of nor'easter and 10 being the strongest. On this scale, Regis is currently rated between a one and a two. Winter Storms Juno, Nemo, and Jonas were all rated a ten. Jonas was a record-breaking snowstorm that hit the east coast in January of this year. Jonas dumped up to 31 inches in some areas.

Even though Regis will not be anywhere close to Jonas, precautions still need to be taken in order to stay safe. Travel visibility is one of the important things that need to be understood during any snowstorm. If you must travel, make sure you have a winter survival kit in your vehicle in case you get stranded on the road in your vehicle for an extended amount of time.

[Image Via AP Photo/Brennan Linsley]