Trump March To White House Sends Naysayers Into Mad Scramble

Donald Trump's march to the White House has detractors from all quarters scrambling out of the woodwork to trip him up. His poll and primary contest wins have reduced a field of 17 contenders to a three-man race, forcing Grand Old Party (G.O.P.) leaders to join the ranks of Muslim groups, China lobbyists, and liberal types rooting for his downfall.

According to Palm Beach Post, former Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham who expressed his dislike for Ted Cruz last February, has endorsed the Texas senator to stymie the Trump march. Senator Graham made no qualms about helping Cruz in "every way [he] can" after cracking a joke about Trump's closest rival at a recent Washington Press Club Foundation's Congressional Dinner.

"If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you."
Trump happily takes it from all fronts
Trump in commanding lead [Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]While Trump's march is fuelled by an overwhelming lead in the number of delegates over Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich, the real estate tycoon still needs to win the required threshold of 1,237 delegates to be the party's presumptive nominee. This opens a gap for the likes of Graham to slip in and back Ted Cruz by helping him to fundraise and drum up enough Republican votes to get him qualified as the party's nominee instead.

At the same time, the Muslim Public Affairs Council (M.P.A.C.) has cast a wrinkle in front of the Trump march by calling him out to a debate over his comments about Muslims. The Islamic advocacy group wrote a letter to the Trump campaign, with a statement quoted by The Hill.

"Ever since you announced your run for Presidency of the United States, you have scapegoated the American Muslim community and other minority groups for all your perceived ills of America."
Posing as a civil rights group rallying American Muslims against Trump, M.P.A.C. was founded by Hassan and Maher Hathout, members of the Muslim Brotherhood. This link has led to questions about Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, sending supporters out to march on the world with the following agenda.
"It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not be dominated, to impose its law on nations and to extend is power to the entire planet."
Known to march in tandem with M.P.A.C. is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.), listed as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates. Cognitive psychologist and Islamic reformer Tawfik Hamid calls C.A.I.R. "perhaps the most conspicuous organization to persistently accuse opponents of Islamophobia" to intimidate and blackmail those "who rightly criticize current Islamic practices and preachings."

Both M.P.A.C. and C.A.I.R. have a demonstrated penchant for "victimology" encouraging American Muslims to step forward with complaints of unfair treatment to silence opponents of sharia law and bog down adverse movements like the Trump political march.

On a different front, The Economist ranks Donald Trump's juggernaut march as level 12 threat on a 1 to 20 scale in their Global Risk assessment, on par with jihadist terrorism destabilizing global economy. The assessment was done by the publication's British-based Economist Intelligence Unit (E.I.U.).

Hosting the fifth annual China Summit in Beijing on November 6, 2016, The Economist has a clear vested interest in networking with Chinese business leaders, policymakers, academics, and observers. The Economist is using E.I.U.-generated numbers to present a dim view of Trump's march to the presidency, taking into account his belligerent attitude toward China.

Mitt Romney waiting
Mitt Romney the possible default candidate? [Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]Liberals are said to be observing what they hope are Republican death throes. Under G.O.P. rules, if no candidate gets 1,237 delegates before the party convention, Republicans can field another candidate. The names Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and Paul Ryan are being bandied about. The new entry will need at least 1,237 delegates to effectively stop the Trump march and start a Republican grassroots revolt.

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]