Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Reportedly Blows Up At Kim And Her Mom During Paris Fashion Week As Marital Tensions Reach Boiling Point

Kim Kardashian could be headed for divorce as sources say the reality star's marriage is being torn apart by tensions between husband Kanye West and the rest of her family.

The embattled couple has faced a number of dire reports in recent weeks, as insiders say their relationship is strained to the point that they could be seriously considering divorce. Now, the latest report claims that Kim asked her mother to "babysit" Kanye during Paris Fashion Week, worried that he couldn't be left to himself.

"Kim didn't trust Kanye being in Paris unsupervised, so she asked Kris to watch him," a source told Life & Style. "Kris made sure to stay at the same hotel as Kanye and dine at the same restaurants. She really wasn't taking any chances."

The situation reportedly caused tensions between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to rise, even prompting Kanye to lose his cool with the family.

"He looked like he wanted to make a run for the exit," an onlooker told the magazine. "He put his hood over his head to show Kris he had no desire to talk to her."

"He yelled at Kim to tell Kris to back off," the insider added. "He was livid about her trying to control his every move in Paris."

The so-called "babysitting duties" for Kris Jenner could be a direct result of some of Kanye's bad behavior in recent weeks. Sources say Kanye West had a meltdown at New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel, screaming at staff members.

The rapper yelled, "I am Kanye West and my wife is Kim f**king Kardashian," a source told In Touch Weekly.

A source claimed that the incident had Kim Kardashian seriously considering divorce.

"[Kim's] embarrassed to no end over his gargantuan ego and ridiculous tweets," the source says. "By the end of Fashion Week, she just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide."

Recent rumors claim that the entire Kardashian family is worried about Kanye West's increasingly erratic behavior, including his series of bizarre rants on Twitter. This includes a spat with his former flame, Amber Rose, in which she revealed some very embarrassing bedroom details that reportedly had Kim mortified.

But Kanye West has been indiscriminate with this Twitter targets, as was shown in a recent rant against famed music producer Bob Ezrin for his critical review of Kanye's new album, The Life of Pablo.

As In Touch Weekly noted, Ezrin claimed that Kanye West didn't match up well to other rappers, including Jay Z.

"It's unlikely that we'll be quoting too many of Kanye's songs 20 years from now […] Instead, Kanye's greatest achievements have been in the form of excessive behavior, egomaniacal tantrums and tasteless grandstanding."

Kanye couldn't take the criticism laying down, and responded, "Has anybody ever heard of Bob Ezrin? What the f**k does he know about rap?"

Sources say that Kim Kardashian is left considering divorce, as Kanye's antics are hurting the Kardashian family brand too much.

There could be more than just a divorce battle ahead, however. As Celeb Dirty Laundry reported, Kanye's unpredictable behavior could also lead to a custody battle for the couple's two children.

"What has been interesting about Kanye's West's latest downward spiral is that the rapper's entire breakdown has been pristinely documented across the internet – we have screenshots of his insane Twitter rampages, and there is even the tape of Kanye screaming obscenities and making NO sense behind the scenes at Saturday Night Life.

"Not to mention police reports from previous violent altercations in the past few years. Basically, Kanye doesn't stand a chance at getting custody of North and Saint West. We're not saying Kim is a good mom, but she is definitely a better looking parent on paper than Kanye West."

If there is trouble in the marriage, neither Kanye West nor Kim Kardashian are letting on much. Neither have addressed the divorce rumors, and have still been seen together seemingly still together.

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