'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Who Gets Injured And Refuses Help? Don't Lose Hope For This 'TWD' Character

The Walking Dead season 6 finale is coming up in just a few weeks. While most TWD fans are buzzing about episode 14, which airs Sunday night, we have some spoilers for the season finale.

It turns out that one fan-favorite character will be injured in season 6, episode 16. Not only will this individual be hurt, but they will also refuse help. Find out which TWD character suffers an injury on the season finale of The Walking Dead. Could this person be suicidal or is there another reason for this character not wanting help?

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, Morgan (Lennie James) will be on horseback searching for Carol. In The Walking Dead season 6 finale, Morgan discovers a dead walker, who appears to have been recently slaughtered. However, that is not the only thing Morgan finds in The Walking Dead. He also sees a blood-stained rosary, the same one that belongs to Melissa McBride's character.

The Walking Dead season 6 finale spoilers reveal that Morgan continues looking for Carol. Eventually, he finds the fan-favorite character at a library camp. Everyone has been killed, but Carol is still alive. However, she isn't exactly all right. Carol has an injury on her side, but it seems to be from a weapon and not a walker. Morgan tends to Carol's injury in The Walking Dead season 6 finale. He tells McBride's character that he will get her help when it is daylight. However, Carol gives Morgan a puzzled look and refuses.

There is a lot of speculation on what will happen with Carol on The Walking Dead. Keep in mind that she is injured and no walker bites or scratches are seen. However, some TWD fans believe Carol doesn't want to get help because she is hiding a walker bite. That may be true, but there are other theories that are more likely.

Fans of The Walking Dead cannot ignore the changes Carol has been going through this season. After Morgan's chat, Carol seems to have a different outlook on life. Instead of just killing and knowing it is necessary in the zombie apocalypse, those actions are taking a toll on Carol. As previously reported by Inquisitr, some TWD fans blame Morgan for the difference in Carol. However, Morgan isn't the whole reason for Carol Peletier's struggle this season in The Walking Dead.

"What Morgan has put on the plate in Alexandria is something. From that whole Wolf attack going all the way back to losing her daughter, it has been non-stop for them. [Carol] has sort of shoved everything back and not dealt with it in order to do what she had to do," Melissa McBride explained to Variety about Carol's state of mind in The Walking Dead. "I think all these experiences are coming to a head in the quiet time, the time to reflect. She's reconsidering things about herself and this world."

TSDF didn't reveal why Carol is at the library camp without her group. There was also no explanation on who attacked her, if Carol witnessed the survivors being slaughtered, or how she got away. However, more spoilers for The Walking Dead season 6 finale will be revealed soon.

Another theory on why Carol refuses help in The Walking Dead season 6 finale has to do with McBride's character giving up. Even though Carol being suicidal is a popular theory, I don't believe she will go through with it. I do not believe for a second that Carol is considering ending her own life. The only way I see that happening is if she sacrifices herself to save another human being. However, I don't think that is going to be McBride's storyline in The Walking Dead season 6 finale.

Although Morgan has disappointed me this season in The Walking Dead, he will be the one to find Carol for a reason. His chat may have played a part in Carol's current mental state. This is the reason why Morgan may be the only one who can bring Carol back.

What do you think will happen with Carol and Morgan on The Walking Dead season 6 finale?

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