Robin Roberts Leaving “Good Morning America” Early Because Of Illness

Robin Roberts had already planned to take a medical leave from “Good Morning America” after being diagnosed with a blood and bone marrow disease, but now the morning host is leaving earlier than expected.

Roberts said on Tuesday that she was feeling the effects of the disease and as a result would be leaving the show before her planned leave sometime later in August, The Associated Press reported. She had previously told reporters that the leave was probably going to take place at the end of the month or early in September.

Robin Roberts said that she was “not feeling too well” and would take some time off “just to get some vacay,” the report said. Last month she announced that she has MDS, a blood and bone marrow disease once referred to as preleukemia.

When she first announced that she had the disease, Robin Roberts mentioned that she will undergo a bone marrow transplant as treatment. Though Roberts seemed clear-headed in her interviews and talking about the disorder, she revealed a bit of fear in an interview with E! News.

“It’s fascinating-slash-scary how to prepare yourself for something like this,” Roberts said.

The 51-year-old Roberts said she was having moments of fatigue but that she was still focused on the show and excited about its gains against the rival Today show.

Robin Roberts will be out the remainder of the week as well as the next two.

Even though she will be gone much of the rest of the month, Robin Roberts’ chair won’t be empty, reported. She said Thursday that ABC News’ Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric are among her replacements during the absence. Kelly Ripa and the hosts of “The View” have also been mentioned as potential replacements for Robin Roberts.