Brace Land Reveals How He Ended Up On 'Gigolos,' Working As An Escort

The new season of Gigolos is here on Showtime and now Brace Land is speaking out and revealing how he ended up on the show and started this career.

Review Journal got the chance to talk to Brace Land and he shared the details of how he started his career and ended up on a Showtime series all about his life as a gigolo. Brace actually shared that he doesn't do much escort work now, simply because he doesn't need the money.

One thing that they asked Brace Land right away is how he gets paid to do this job, because of course men everywhere are curious. Brace explained his thoughts.

"I'm an entrepreneur. … I've always had businesses going on. I got into it (through) just kind of a fluke-type situation. And it just turned into something that was bigger than I think anybody would think it would turn out. But I think anybody that just sets out to get involved in this business is in for a surprise, because it's not what I think everybody would think it would be. They're gonna have a hard time, most people."
Brace Land shared that he actually is from Michigan, and during the first two seasons of the show he flew in for the series. Land didn't even live in Las Vegas at first. Brace got started with this career by throwing up a website offering work because he had seen women do it and do well with it. He does screen people before he will meet up with them for a job.
If you have noticed that Brace Land isn't on the website for Cowboys 4 Angels anymore, he explained this is because he is not in the same league as those guys and has his own website for bookings. It is odd for him to say this though, considering some of the guys on the show such as Nick Hawk are still listed on the site. If you check out Brace's site, he offers things such as a 2 hour dinner or him leaving someone a phone message for you.

Brace did reveal that he didn't know Garren, who runs the Cowboys 4 Angels site when he started the show. Here is what Land had to say about it.

"(Laughs) I think I'm in a much different league than those guys. I had my own website. … Well, then we got to the show. I didn't know Garren (James), who runs Cowboys 4 Angels. I didn't know any of these other guys. (Garren) asked me to go on the site, which I did for maybe a year. I did it for the show, basically, for PR or whatever. Then I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to be on it because I wanted to get into other TV stuff and other gigs or whatever. And I just didn't think it was professional to be on a site like that while you're trying to do other TV gigs."
When it comes to being an escort now, Brace Land shared that he has some clients that he keeps up with that have been around for a while. He will also fly out sometimes for a job, but he just doesn't do it often. Brace is also kind of seeing someone right now, but he didn't want to go into details on that just yet.
Are you shocked to hear all about how Brace Land got his job and his place on Gigolos? Don't miss new episodes of Gigilos on Thursday nights on Showtime.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Star Magazine]