Scout Willis Sentenced, Gets Off Easy With Community Service

Scout Willis was sentenced on Wednesday after she was caught drinking underage in a public place while carrying a fake-ID. The daughter of actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore has been ordered to perform community service.

Willis, who recently turned 21, was given two days of community service by a Manhattan judge who promised to dismiss her misdemeanor following her brief service.

After the case lawyer Stacey Richman said prosecutors “took a logical approach to assessing the situation.”

Scout Willis was not asked to enter a plea since the lawsuit ended in an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, a standard practice often used for first-time misdemeanor cases.

Willis is currently attending Brown University and her arrested occurred near on June 4 when she was caught drinking a “Pakistani beer” in Manhattan’s Union Square. The city has a strict no open-containers law.

At the time of her arrest Bruce Willis’ daughter was only 20 years old and handed police an ID with the name Katherine Kelly. Eventually she coped up to her lie and handed her arresting officer a real photo ID.

In a strange twist in the case it turns out the Pakistani beer Scout Willis was consuming wasn’t sold in the United States because of export restrictions.

Now it looks as if Scout Willis can go back to working on her music degree while using her own 21-year-old drivers license or state ID to enter bars and nightclubs while drinking legally.

It should be noted that Scout had initially refused a plea bargain that may have come with harsh criminal consequences. Her lawyer also claimed at the time of her arrest that the entire fake ID story was untrue while claiming, “Scout was honest about who she was. She is a very proper, very impressive, smart young woman. She presented her own ID. . . . She did not know who the other person on the other ID is.”

Do you think Scout Willis got off too easy because of who her parents’ famous names?