'Married At First Sight' News: Neil Bowlus Blames Divorce On Lack Of Intimate Relationship

When it came out that Sam Role and Neil Bowlus were splitting after Married at First Sight, a lot of fans were shocked. Sam and Neil seemed like getting married this way might just work for them, but it didn't. Now, US Magazine shared that Neil Bowlus is speaking out about why his marriage at first sight didn't work out for him. Neil is actually blaming the fact that they were not very intimate, and he needs more of that in his life and marriage.

Things were really hard on Sam Role and Neil Bowlus when they got married on Married at First Sight. She was a little rough on him, but things seemed to get better the longer they were married. Neil is now sharing that he didn't even make up his mind what he was going to do for sure until decision day. It was obvious that Sam was shocked when he said he wanted to end their marriage. Here is what else Neil explained about why his Married at First Sight relationship didn't work out.
"I felt I was missing the ability to create a deeper, more intimate relationship. The first four weeks left an impression greater than I was aware of, and it prevented me from building anything more than friendship.... Nobody is at fault — it's just the way things happened. We learn, grow and move on."
If Neil could take one thing back, he would have told Sam how he was feeling earlier in the season of Married at First Sight. Neil is wishing that he had been more vocal.
So is Neil dating again already? No he isn't dating at all, which does give some fans hope that these two could decide to get married again one day. He went on to share how he is coping now.
"After six months of discussing the events of Married at First Sight with professionals, I am in a comfortable place, and I appreciate and value our friendship. If I have learned one thing, it is yes, I will miss some things [from our time together]."
The Knot revealed that Sam and Neil may have not stayed married, but the two are working on trying to be friends. Sam admits that she thought they were going to stay married. Sam thought that they should try to make their marriage work without the cameras there more and Neil had agreed, but he decided to call it quits. The day after their split, they met up and Sam revealed it was hard on her.
"I was breaking up inside. I did not wanna see him, because I was hurt, but it's like that bittersweet moment. It's like, 'I wanna see you, but then I don't, because I'm gonna have a flood of sadness come over me as I see you, and I have to keep it together.'"
At this time, it doesn't look like Sam and Neil have plans to get married again, but they are still on speaking terms and friendly. Neil did share that he does forgive Sam. He doesn't hate her at all, but being married may have just not been in the cards for these two. Their fans would love to see it work again, but so far it is not looking promising for these two.

Are you shocked to hear what Neil has to say about why things didn't work out with Sam on Married at First Sight? Do you think that there is any chance that this Married at First Sight couple will get back together? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

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