Lil Wayne Haunted By Christina Milian Or Mansion? Charity Is His Bigger Focus

Lil Wayne has been in one collaborative music project after another while simultaneously going on tour and headlining a SXSW Samsung Galaxy Life Fest performance. However, as he continues to add charity projects to his busy life, his ex Christina Milian has allegedly been giving him one last peek at "what he has been missing."

It was only a couple of months ago when Christina Milian decided to call it quits with Lil Wayne after dating him for a little over a year. At the end of her reality TV show Christina Milian Turned Up, she said that getting back together with him for the second time simply was not working for her, according to a January 12 report from E! Online.

Since that time, there has been few signs of reconciliation between Lil Wayne and Christina Milian. In fact, EurWeb says that around February 17, Christina Milian released an official video for "Liar" -- and some suspect that the subject of her lyrics was Lil Wayne.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Christina Milian also told the world that she thinks that Lil Wayne should get in an open relationship or become a polygamist because he has girlfriends all over the world that love him.

Lil Wayne is busy with career and may not notice Christina Milian
Christina Milian may be flirting with Lil Wayne, but he may be too busy with his career and charities to notice. (Picture by Jonathan Leibson/Stringer/Getty Images)

Despite feeling conflicted about the other women in Lil Wayne's life, it is alleged that she posted a sexy photo on social media to show Lil Wayne what he is missing. Along with the photo, Christina Milian captioned it with "Once upon a time, you had my heart...," according to the NY Daily News.

Music Times says that it is Christina Milian's "taunt" toward Lil Wayne, but this is only an assumption since Milian has dated other people besides Lil Wayne in her past.

In the meantime, Christina Milian has been dealing with a little bit of controversy since her break up with Lil Wayne in mid-January. Metro reported on March 11 that Christina Milian lifted eyebrows concerning conversational subjects of a sexual nature that she discussed in front of children in her home.

Otherwise, Daily Mail continued to note Christina Milian's fierce style with or without Lil Wayne in her life and Virtual Strategy claims Christina is now "representing" fashion designer Nicole Andrews by wearing her styles.

As for Lil Wayne, at the time Christina Milian was posting pictures of herself in a bikini on social media, he may have been feeling burned in other ways. Namely, Lil Wayne was reported by the Miami Herald as dropping the price of his Miami home … again.

When Lil Wayne listed his Miami mansion for the first time around April 1, 2015, TMZ said the price was $18 million. At the end of 2015, Gossip Extra claims that Lil Wayne reduced the price to $16 million. Now, the place Lil Wayne renovated with a skate park on top is on sale for $14 million.

Despite the loss on a property and a possible hate post from his ex, Lil Wayne is shining brighter than ever because he continues to be the celebrity of celebrities.

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian agree on charity
Lil Wayne and Christina Milian may not agree on everything, but both feel strongly about charity. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MasterCard)

After winning multiple awards over the past year, Kendrick Lamar still took time to remind the world that Lil Wayne is the person that makes him feel starstruck, according to Hip Hop Wired.

Despite being thankful for the compliments he gets, Lil Wayne is also serious about his family and charity work. Although he does not usually call himself an author, Lil Wayne recently took time out of his schedule to write about the winners of his Tidal philanthropy/charity project.

Congratulating University of Louisiana at Lafayette students for winning a performance from him and his crew, Lil Wayne went on to write that he was in a unique position to bring attention to good causes. About the importance of charity, Lil Wayne stated the following in an article he wrote for the Huffington Post.

"The truth is times are changing and it's getting harder and harder to bring everyone together for a good cause. We're at a crucial time in history and everybody needs to be involved to make this world a place that our kids, their kids and their grandkids want to live in."
One of the problems that Lil Wayne wants to overcome is a lack of interest in good causes because "everyone is glued to their phones nowadays." Nevertheless, Lil Wayne wants to continue to "inspire one of today's greatest generations to make a difference" by using their phones and social media to accomplish his goal to get people involved.

Hip Hop DX writes that the students at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette are ecstatic to be on the receiving end of the Lil Wayne concert, and The Advertiser wrote the following about Social Wave for Change at the winning university.

"Members of the UL chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha joined with local event promoter Ashton Johnson and together collected and donated more than 5,000 bottles of water for Flint residents with toxic water... 'in just two hours.'"

Of course, Lil Wayne has a long list of charity projects that he has been teaming up on for over a decade, according to Lil Wayne HQ, and his work with Tidal and Social Wave for Change is just the tip of the iceberg.

For example, Lil Wayne has been teaming up with other rappers big on being charity advocates, such as Chance the Rapper and 2 Chainz. In December, 2 Chainz continued to show his generous nature by selling sweatshirts that gave $2 million for his TRU Foundation, according to Forbes.

The Source reported on March 3 that Lil Wayne and Chance the Rapper will release a collaboration in the future. Along with details about Chance, they reminded his fans about his dedication to the homeless. About Chance's charity work, Vulture reported in January that Chance helped to raise $100K for the Warmest Winter Chicago homeless fundraiser.

[Picture by Jonathan Leibson/Stringer/Getty Images]