Crocs Turn 10 – Anniversary Celebration Marks Decade Of Colorful Comfortable Footwear

Crocs, the colorful foam footwear, celebrated its tenth anniversary in style this week in New York City. Whether you consider the brightly colored Crocs shoes a major fashion faux pas or a welcome relief for your feet, the millions of shoes sold note the success of the brand. “Extra” TV host Maria Menounos was the original spokeswoman for Crocs and introduced the brand around the globe, Menounos wore sedate flats and not the Crocs which she helped make famous to the tenth anniversary event, according to the Daily Mail.

Maria Menounos rang the bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange in New York’s Times Square to celebrate the first decade anniversary of the Crocs footwear brand. Crocs co-founder George Boedecker Jr. joined the star at the stock market bell ringing ceremony. Maria Menounos finished fourth on “Dancing With the Stars” and performed with partner Derek Hough over the weekend at the Second Annual Dizzy Feet Foundation’s Celebration of Dance Gala. According to the Daily Mail, Hough noted the next season of “Dancing With the Stars” will be his last.

After the morning Crocs tenth anniversary bell ringing Maria Menounos and members of the Crocs team went to the SoHo Crocs store for a party complete with sweet treats courtesy of Georgetown Cupcakes, Gossip Center notes.

The Crocs resin holed-clogs came to the Times Square stock exchange as a “billion dollar” company, the Colorado Daily reports. The Crocs company was founded as Western Brands LLC in 1999. Crocs “initial public offering” in 2006 was the largest ever such appearance by a footwear company. The Crocs company battled patent disputes, knock-offs, operational and inventory issues by 2009, causing slower sales of the Crocs shoes, according to the Colorado Daily News.

In 2011 the Crocs company was back on track and garnering $1 billion in revenue and earning double-digit sales growth annually.