Macaulay Culkin’s Heroin Addiction “Will Kill Him In Six Months,” Friends Say

Macaulay Culkin’s heroin addiction has spiraled out of control so rapidly that friends say they are worried the former “Home Alone” star won’t live to see 2013.

The child star is allegedly hooked on heroin and a number of prescription drugs and has come close to overdosing on painkillers, EntertainmentWise reported. Macaulay Culkin has reportedly lost weight rapidly and now appears gaunt, the report added.

The news came from the National Enquirer, with reports from insiders that Macaulay Culkin spends up to $6,000 a month on painkillers and has turned his Manhattan apartment into a “private drug den” where he spends hours every day getting high by himself or surrounded by fellow junkies.

“Macaulay Culkin is hooked on drugs and it’s killing him!” a source told the NationalEnquirer.

“He’s addicted to heroin, oxycodone, Percocet and Vicodin. I have witnessed his drug taking, which has escalated over the past year and a half to the point where he needs serious help.”

Macaulay’s legal team denied the claims that the actor nearly overdosed and is buying thousands of dollars of prescription drugs, Radar Online reported.

The timing of the downward spiral would coincide with Macaulay Culkin’s breakup with longtime girlfriend Mila Kunis. After being together for nine years, the two separated and Kunis is said to be in a relationship with former That 70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher.

One of Macaulay’s friends told the National Enquirer that alleged overdose should have been a wake-up call for the actor, but it hasn’t slowed down the drug abuse.

The source told the National Enquirer: “It should have been a wake-up call, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on him. Mac is still partying hard. I pray that he finds the courage and strength to clean up before it’s too late.”

Other friends say they believe Macaulay Culkin’s heron addiction will continue to worsen until either he overdoses or his heart explodes. One of them gave National Enquirer the following prediction,” If he doesn’t get help and enter rehab now, he could be dead in six months.”