Drake And Kendrick Lamar On 'Views From The 6'? Thank You, Instagram

Drake and Kendrick Lamar seem to be planning a surprise collaboration. But, Instagram users have spotted their mistake. Who knows, Kendrick might appear on Drake's Views from the 6 album.

Drake has dropped several hints — and even confirmations — that Views from the 6 is dropping in April. While Drake's album release is right around the corner, the "Summer Sixteen" artist is known to complete an entire mixtape within a week.

And, it's possible that Kendrick Lamar is about to be an addition in Drake's Views from the 6. It's only public speculation, however, it does come with a realistic support system. Via Instagram, both Kendrick Lamar and Drake made "coincidental" posts. You can see Drake and Kendrick's posts in the following updates.As you can see, Kendrick Lamar and Drake are using similar stacks of two-dollar bills. Yet, the speculation is getting mixed reviews. Some Drake and Kendrick Lamar fans are seemingly against the collaboration. However, history shows that such a collaboration shows promise. The last time Drake and Kendrick Lamar worked together on a serious project, it was for K.Dot's "Poetic Justice" and A.$.A.P. Rocky's "Problems."

So, maybe it's similar poetic justice that Drake and Kendrick team up for a new track — this time with Lamar as the feature on Views from the 6.

However, according to XXL, Drake and Kendrick are in two different areas of the world right now. The source notes that Kendrick is touring in New Zealand. In the meantime, Drake is in Toronto finishing up the constructs of his Views from the 6 project.

While they're physically unable to be in the same studio, with today's technology, it's nothing for Drake and Lamar to still collaborate on a track. With both teams working together, the project could be recorded, mixed, and mastered in one night.

Yet, would the two work together during a potential beef? Drake and Kendrick were recently in an alleged feud and have subliminally exchanged words over music and songs.

Even in Kendrick Lamar's newest album, Untitled, Unmastered, the popular consensus states that he disses Drake in a few of the tracks. According to majority thoughts regarding the Drake lyrics on "Untitled 7," many listeners feel that Kendrick Lamar was calling Drizzy a "d*ck." Genius notes the particular verse's quote as follows.
"I gotta take it there, I ain't even playin' no more/Said you just make me wanna Drake you down/To the ground, to the ground ground/Like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam/You just make me wanna Drake you down/Down, around like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam."
Essentially, a socially-accepted phrase for sex is "d*ck you down." So, supposedly, "Drake you down" is the alleged play-on-words diss. Likewise, there was supposedly a Drake diss on "Untitled 2" as well. According to XXL, the source states, "At around the 3:32 mark on that song, it almost sounds like Kendrick is miming Drake's go-to flow, and some think it's K. Dot's clever dig at the Toronto MC."

However — on another note — although Drake is having shots taken at him left and right from the likes of Tory Lanez, Kendrick Lamar, and Meek Mill, the "Hotline Bling" artist isn't allowing the drama to keep him away from his business endeavors. Soon, people will be able to take shots from Drake. Reportedly, he's opened his own line of whiskey called Virginia Black.

This is quite the savvy business deal for Drake, as reports Billboard. You know "club life" plays a lot of Drizzy's songs in the mix. And often, club-goers tend to purchase alcohol — whether for themselves or as a method of impressing another. While Drake's "Summer Sixteen" is thumping through the speakers, why not sip on his signature drink? While other music artists are making lyrics, it seems that Drake is definitely making moves. Or is he "looking for revenge"?

What are your thoughts about the potential Drizzy and Kendrick Lamar collaboration? Do you think it's real or just a $2 coincidence? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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