British Rowing Team Gives Host Country First Gold Medal

Britain had home court advantage this year at the 2012 London Olympics but it still took a little while for the country to earn its first gold medal. The British Rowing team of Heather Stanning and Helen Glover were able to give the host country its first Gold Medal of the games today at Eton Dorney by beating the Australian and New Zealand Olympic Teams across the finish line.

The NY Times reports that Britain was hoping that cyclist Mark Cavendish would earn a first Gold Medal on the opening day of the games. The British team also had hopes of Gold in swimming and equestrian events. The Brits have won a few medals this year but the British Rowing team was the first to earn Gold.

The BBC writes:

“They will be on the front pages of the newspaper tomorrow morning… They will be household names. It will be a day that changes these two young women’s lives forever.”

The victory, which was watched by both Prince Henry and Prince William, gave Britain its first Gold Medal of the 2012 London Olympics and its first Gold Medal in women’s rowing.

Stanning said after the race:

“I want to collapse, but I’m just so overjoyed… I just want to jump around.”

Glover added:

“It’s so surreal, it will take forever to sink in. We’re just really relieved, thank you so much everyone.”

Australia’s Sarah Tait and Kate Hornsey won silver. New Zealand’s Juliette Haigh and Rebecca Scown took bronze.