Teenager Regularly Bleeds From Eyes, Ears, Fingernails — Doctors Are Stumped

Marnie-Ray Harvey was living the life of a normal teenager up to the age of 15, when she began bleeding randomly from various parts of her body. The now 17-year-old girl bleeds from her eyes, ears, scalp, nose, gums, tongue, bottom lip, and even from her fingernails.

For Marnie-Ray the problem is more than the fact that she is experiencing this random bleeding; it’s made even bigger by the fact that no one can figure out exactly why this is happening to her. The teenager has been to numerous specialists in the field of gynecology, hematology, and neurology. She has even been to eye specialists and pediatricians in her attempt to find the cause of her bleeding.


The 17-year-old told Cosmopolitan that she has lost a number of friends because of the bleeding. She is always inside the house, rarely ever setting foot outside any longer. Her symptoms first began in 2013 when she was getting terrible headaches and coughing up blood, but in July 2015 she awoke to what has now become a familiar struggle for her.

“[I] went to sleep in the afternoon with a really bad migraine and when I woke up I looked in the mirror and one side of my face was covered in blood.”

The discovery that it was her eye that was bleeding was a frightening one for Marnie, who reported that the bleeding actually burns her eyes and covers up her pupils, making her unable to see. For the next two weeks after that first incident, the teenager’s eyes bled every single day, and soon both her ears began to do the same thing. All the blood tests that Marnie had done when her mother rushed her to the hospital that first night came back normal.

[Warning: Mildly disturbing video below]

The teenager was taken to numerous specialists and was even tested for a rare condition known as Haemolacria, where the afflicted person cries tears of blood and has random injuries, clotting problems, and tear gland disorders, and can be a symptom of having tumors. She was negative for it.

“I’m clear of blood disorders, blood cancers, brain tumours, and AVMs (arteriovenous malformations). My womb, uterus, ovaries, chest scans were all clear, too.”

Marnie-Ray has had to put her entire life on hold because of the random bleeding, and according to BBC it goes beyond the health concerns — she had to drop out of high school, is unable to continue on to college, and getting a job is out of the question. The teenager has become extremely lethargic, lacking the energy to do many small tasks especially since her limbs and bones often ache. She says she is also constantly feeling light-headed. She is only able to walk a short distance before becoming sick, and people are simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by the sight of her eyes and ears bleeding.


Her bleeding is now an everyday occurrence and can happen up to five times a day. The teenager says nothing has to trigger the bleeding and for over two weeks now she has been bleeding non-stop from her eyes, ears, tongue, and all other places that are affected. Everything is worse when she is having her period.

“Normally it’ll bleed for about five minutes then stop for an hour but it’s been happening for half and hour and stopping for five minutes. I have to keep getting up in the night but I’m sick every day about five times.”

Marnie Harvey’s doctors are trying to establish if her condition could be a blood disorder and have given her an injection to “stop her womb from working.” If it works it could mean she has endometriosis and will require an operation. The drug also has a 60 to 70 percent chance of making her infertile, but she just wants this to end, and even though she does not think the treatment is actually working, she is willing to take the risks. By April the doctors will know for certain and already have another treatment plan if it fails.

“I’m just sick of it. I wish someone just knew what it was so I could get my life back to normal.”

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