Barack Obama Surprises Campaign Workers With Donuts, Says 'Character Of The Country' Is On The Ballot [Video]

Former President Barack Obama has been doing everything he can to support Democrats in this week's election. On Monday, that meant bringing donuts to campaign workers in Virginia. As Obama spoke to those who were gathered at Senator Tim Kaine's office, he passionately shared his thoughts on just how important the midterm elections are this year.

CBS News details that the former president showed up Monday in Fairfax, Virginia, to support both Senator Tim Kaine in his reelection bid and State Senator Jennifer Wexton as she runs for a House seat. Not only did Barack Obama show up to rev everybody up a bit, but he also brought donuts with him and the appearance was a huge hit.

Obama praised Wexton and her campaign, noting that "we need more women in charge." Barack also told the campaign workers in Kaine's office that they reminded him of himself when he was their age when he started to pursue a larger purpose in life.

The former president hasn't held back in his recent appearances as he has done his best to compel everybody to vote in these midterms. During this Virginia appearance, he apparently didn't mention President Donald Trump specifically. However, he didn't mince words in passionately expressing how important he thinks these votes are this week.

"The character of this country is on the ballot. Who we are, what kind of politics we expect is on the ballot. How we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot. How we treat other people is on the ballot."
The Hill details that Obama was met with enthusiastic applause as he surprised the group of campaign workers. He joked that his wife Michelle had "especially approved" of the doughnuts he brought along, a nod to her "Let's Move!" efforts.

Sen. Tim Kaine is running against Republican Corey Stewart in Virginia. Polls have consistently had Kaine comfortably ahead of Stewart, with RealClear Politics currently rating the race as "Safe Dem." Jennifer Wexton is trying to unseat Republican House incumbent Barbara Comstock in the 10th district, and it's currently rated as a "Leans Dem" race.

Compared to many races around the country, these are perceived as comfortable leads for both Kaine and Wexton. However, nobody is taking anything for granted at this point and Obama is encouraging everybody to get to the polls to ensure their vote counts.

Will Sen. Tim Kaine, candidate Jennifer Wexton, and others who have received visits from former President Barack Obama prevail in these 2018 midterm elections? People around the country are on the edge of their seats waiting to see how everything plays out on Tuesday.