Artie Lange Suspended For Urinating On Floor Of Radio Studio

Artie Lange has been suspended from his new radio show for allegedly urinating on the studio’s floor and then demanding that two production assistants clean it up for him.

The incident took place in the studio for Lange’s “Nick and Artie Show,” TMZ reported. Lange mentioned his suspension in a tweet sent shortly afterward, but made no reference to the alleged incident. He wrote: “Direct Tv has suspended me from the N&A show for the next 2 nights. They won’t tell me fully why. Can’t continue w them. Sorry guys. Luv u.”

TMZ noted that it was odd Artie Lange would pretend ignorance of the situation, in which he allegedly tried to make his female PAs, nicknamed “Twinsanity,” to clean up the puddle of pee. The task eventually went to another unfortunate employee.

Artie Lange later deleted the tweet referencing the suspension.

The allegations wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to fans of the “Howard Stern Show.” The comedian became known for his wild and increasingly out-of-control behavior on the show. The antics culminated in 2008 when Artie Lange got into a fistfight with his assistant at the show’s Sirius studio, leading him to quit the show.

Although he initially threatened to leave the show, Lange quickly walked back the comments, tweeting, “Direct Tv are good ppl. I apologize to them for doing an offensive show.” He later deleted that tweet as well.

Artie’s agent reiterated the apology, telling TMZ, “As Artie stated, he is sorry for the events that transpired on the show last Friday. He is fully committed to working with DirecTV and looking forward to his return.”

Artie Lange has not been fired from the show, TMZ reported, but DirecTV executives are taking a few days to evaluate the situation. A DirecTV executive told Entertainment Weekly: “He was suspended for one day as a result of inappropriate behavior and will be back on the air tonight,” a DirecTV executive told Entertainment Weekly.