Emma Stone And Cameron Crowe Team Up For Cinematic Love Story

Emma Stone is all over the place these days. Not only did she star in “500 Days of Summer” director Marc Webb’s reboot “The Amazing Spider-Man” alongside beau Andrew Garfield, she also figures prominently in Ruben Fleischer’s period action/drama “Gangster Squad”. Although it may seem that Stone is strictly aligning herself with action cinema these days, her recently announced role will be a refreshing change of pace for those who enjoy romance over gunfire and superheroes.

According to Deadline, the “Easy A” cutie has been tapped to star in writer/director Cameron Crowe’s latest endeavor, an as-of-yet-untitled love story in the same vein as “Almost Famous” and “Jerry Maguire”. Sony Pictures will bankroll the project, with motion picture veteran Scott Rudin (“Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) producing. As of this writing, the male lead in the production has not been cast.

In regards to the plot, details have been very sketchy. However, MTV Movies Blog reports that Jeff Sneider over at Variety dropped a Tweet on the world not too long ago, giving Stone fanatics a small glimpse into the beloved actress’ latest effort.

“After sitting on a shelf for years, Crowe’s recent rewrite of DEEP TIKI has the project gaining momentum at Sony again,” Sneider wrote in his post.

Once upon a time, “Deep Tiki” counted Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller among its cast. If Sneider’s tweet is to be believed, then Crowe’s latest project could be a slightly reworked and retooled version of the aforementioned script. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see as more details about the film are announced.

Emma Stone’s latest big screen offering “Gangster Squad”, which also stars Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, and Josh Brolin, was moved from its original September release date following the shooting at a midnight screening of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado. Warner Bros., in addition to reshooting some controversial scenes, has pushed the film’s release date to January in an effort to distance the film from the tragedy.