WWE News: WWE Supertstar Cesaro Returning To Action Next Month

If we have learned anything from WWE in 2015, it’s that WWE Superstars and Divas have a very difficult job. They do a lot inside the ring and they really have to be careful each and every time they step into a ring. You can be hurt at any point and the risks you take can potentially end your career. Daniel Bryan, and now the legendary Sting, have called it a career due to in-ring injuries. This is no joke whatsoever. The real pain for wrestling fans might be seeing a guy on the rise get hurt, as they are so close to glory only to be pushed back due to injury.

For WWE fans, Cesaro is such a man. Many have known Cesaro for years, dating back to his time on the independent scene. The man is possibly the easiest to point out and see stardom in, and WWE loved him due to what all he could provide. He speaks multiple languages, has a great size and look, and he can wrestle as good as or better than anyone else on the roster. He has been really showing WWE a lot and fans have been under the assumption that Cesaro could be given a lot.

It’s even been said that Vince McMahon has been impressed with Cesaro, and when the WWE Chairman sees something in you, that says a lot.

Cesaro’s last WWE RAW match was against Roman Reigns, where he gave us something amazing. It was also helpful to Reigns who needed to look better in the ring for fans to take him seriously. This was really what caught Vince’s eye. Sadly, all of his hard work came crashing down due to injury.

Cesaro Ziggler

Cesaro injured his shoulder and needed to have surgery, which ended up sidelining him for a while. He wasn’t even sure he would be able to be back until the summer, as he was telling people that he felt a few months away. Now it looks like he was hiding a few things until the big announcement was made.

Cesaro is coming back to the ring next month for WWE’s “WrestleMania Revenge” European Tour. It was announced by the official WWE Nederland Twitter account, which means that he’s probably going to return to official action there. The date for his comeback is set for April 15 for a live event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the Ziggo Dome. Of course, one would imagine that WWE will have him back make his comeback at WWE RAW after WrestleMania 32.

It would make the most sense to do this, as he clearly wants to get the big return that every WWE Superstar wants when they come back. Fans want to give it to him, too, as Cesaro has been clearly missed by fans at this time. A lot of things could be different with the WrestleMania card if he was currently healthy. The same could be said by most of the other athletes out with injuries, as well.

Cesaro crossface

When it comes to Cesaro, many hope that he will be thrown back into where he was when he left. Many feel he has earned the right to be given a top spot on the card, but that may take time to earn back. This is will be especially true when the likes of John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton all come back from injury within the coming months. The time will surely be now, from the moment he comes back.

If Cesaro can impress greatly in a less crowded field, he might be given a chance to see what he can do with the top stars. Of course, that all depends on his performance once he comes back, and that is up in the air for now. However, most Cesaro fans know that despite the pressure that is now on him, he will deliver like always. He just has to be given the chance to prove himself to the WWE fans and management alike once more.

[Image via WWE]