Comics Vs The Show: ‘The Walking Dead’ Show Keeps Throwing Curve Balls [Spoilers]

As viewers have noticed so far as the end of Season 6 of The Walking Dead approaches, the show is not necessarily staying with the comics.

AMC’s show, The Walking Dead recently shocked viewers with the arrow death in Season 6, Episode 14 when Abraham was not the target! That’s right. In the comics, the death that was brought to Denise during Season 6, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead was meant for Abraham.

During Season 6, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, Darryl, Rosita and Denise took a short road trip to a local pharmacy for some drugs after Denise wouldn’t accept staying behind. Darryl and Rosita warned Denise that she wasn’t ready to leave Alexandria’s walls and not long after, Denise had a breakdown.

On their walk back to the truck, Denise find’s herself hunting for courage. Unfortunately, what started out as courage ended with her death when Dwight missed Darryl and struck Denise in the head with an arrow, an arrow from the bow that once belonged to Darryl.

The-Walking-Dead-Season-6 [Photo courtesy of The Walking Dead @TheWalkingDead]Here’s a recap some of the instances where the comics and the show threw some major curve balls. First off, some of the characters in The Walking Dead didn’t even exist in the comics, some very important characters. Darryl, for one, has been a huge part of the show and at this point, viewers probably couldn’t even see The Walking Dead taking place without him. Darryl’s brother, Merle, was also not a part of the comics; yet, he played such a memorable role in The Walking Dead. Some other characters not recognized in the comics are T Dog, Carol’s husband Ed, who was actually already dead by the time they met Carol in the comics, Jackie, plus several others throughout the show.

Did you know that Shane was suppose to die at the hands of Carl in Season 1? That’s correct. Although Shane’s death ended quite similar in the show as it does in the comics after a fight breaks out between him and Rick, Shane sticks around to cause more drama for The Walking Dead through most of Season 2!

The-Walking-Dead-Rick-Shane [Photo by Tony Moore/AMC/’The Walking Dead’]Tyrese didn’t show up in the show of The Walking Dead until Season 3; however, the comics show him being introduced in Season 1 and having a fling with Carol. Yes, you read that right. During the show, it was always a curiosity whether or not Carol and Darryl had a thing for each other.

IGN mentions some other important differences between the show and the comics of The Walking Dead. In the show, Otis, who ends up being used as bait by Shane, and who was technically already dead in the comics, has remained around well into Season 4. In the show, Otis is killed trying to guard the fence of the prison while attempting to keep zombies out. What a difference for this short-lived character in The Walking Dead.

Another short-lived character in the show, who was around much longer in the comics of The Walking Dead is Sophia, Carol’s daughter. Walking Dead Wikia reports the show kills her off in Season 2, however, in the show, Sophia is still living in Season 7! Oh, and did you know Carol was suppose to commit suicide in Season 2? In the comics of The Walking Dead, Maggie and Glenn take over Sophia’s care after the death of her mother, at least until Glenn is bashed over the head by Negan.

Negan-The-Walking-Dead-Comics [Photo by Charlie Adlard/ AMC The Walking Dead]According to IGN, Season 3 of The Walking Dead basically sticks to the comics other than Andrea never splits from the group as she does in the show. Season 4 of the show, however, was very different from the comics. Firstly, The sickness that plagues the prison never takes place in the comics. Lori never dies during childbirth, but rather during the Governors attempt to take over the prison.

With all of the twists and turns presented throughout the show, The Walking Dead has more surprises coming and the big question is, who will die at the hands of Negan? Many think it will still be Glenn, but with all the curve balls this show has thrown, it could be anyone.